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Free holiday, anyone?

Posted by Exile on July 20, 2006

As a taxpayer, paying some of the highest taxes, if not the highest taxes in Europe, I like to know where my money is going. I take an interest in how much all the hangers on are costing me. One of the things we have to combat with everything we have is social fraud. People receiving social benefits that they are really not entitled to. There are many forms of this going on every day in Denmark. It is a sport for some people.

Denmark and the rest of the world is busy at the moment rescuing its citizens from Lebanon. We have unbelievably many. Strange when one considers that “the Leb” is not a destination normally found in the package tour brochures. So just who are all these “danes” that are holidaying in the middle east? Well, no suprises here, we imported all these people in the late 80’s and have taken a steady stream of their family members since then. Many of them are unemployed.

The Danish Peoples Party are also interested in where my money goes. So they thought it might be a good idea to find out just how many of these Danes are taking a holiday on my hard earned money. After all, if you want unemployment benefits, you have to pay for them through the payments that you have to make to the unemployment agencies, and you have to be available, at one days notice, for work. Everybody in Denmark has to have this insurance. If you are unemployed the government will pay it for you. With my money. Going on holiday? Then you are not available for work. This means, no unemployment benefit in the time you are away.
But, oh no, the lefty lot can’t have this. How dare we put their voters under the magnifying glass. Jyllands Posten explains:

Evacuee check criticised.
By The Copenhagen Post.

The Danish People’s Party calls for a check of evacuees’ employment status upon their return from Lebanon. Opposition parties call the proposal ‘cold-hearted’

A call to check the employment status of evacuees returning from Lebanon has been met with scepticism and criticism from labour market officials.
Søren Espersen, the foreign affairs spokesperson for the government’s support party, the Danish People’s Party, suggested that unemployment agencies investigate whether the approximately 5000 people evacuated from southern Lebanon this past week have collected unemployment benefits.
Labour regulations require people receiving unemployment benefits to remain in Denmark and to be available for work with one day’s notice.

That all sounds perfectly reasonable to me. After all, cheating is cheating, fraud is still fraud. If it isn’t going on then no worries. But this is one great chance to allay my fears. And it wouldn’t be expensive.

Espersen considered the evacuation ‘a unique chance’ to confirm or challenge the myth that foreigners with a Middle Eastern background take advantage of the social welfare system in Denmark. All of the evacuees were registered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon arrival. Checking those lists with unemployment registries would be a simple affair, said Espersen. ‘Without carrying out an additional investigation, we have the chance to confirm this once and for all.’

It doesn’t get much easier than that now does it? Are we being cheated or not? This is easy to check and could save the country millions. The lefty resistance to this is both expected and vehement. After all, they rely on the ‘socially challenged’ (!) for a good deal of their support. But I hadn’t expected it from the right wingers.

The proposal has not received support from the minister of employment, Claus Hjort Frederiksen, however. He remains hesitant to put an investigation into motion. ‘I expect that unemployment agencies and municipalities know whether unemployed people travel abroad for longer periods of time.’ he told national public broadcaster DR.

Well I don’t. How can he possibly expect the municipalities or unemployment agencies to know? If you are going to commit fraud, you are going to commit fraud. You are not going to tell anyone that you are doing it. You hope not to get caught.
Here is the reaction from the moonbats:

The proposal cannot expect the support of social workers either, Bettina Post, the vice president of the Danish Association of Social Workers, told daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten. ‘It says a great deal about Søren Espersen that when he sees people being evacuated, he sees potential cheaters.’
The opposition also criticised the proposal. Looking into people’s employment status as they return from a war zone seemed ‘callous’, according to Per Clausen of the opposition’s Red-Green Alliance. ‘It seems so incomprehensible that you would think the man was misquoted,’ said Clausen. ‘Just when you think the Danish People’s Party cannot become any more unpleasant, they go a little farther.’

Callous? Cold? Unpleasant? No, I don’t see it that way. I see this as a simple opportunity to weed out the frauds, find out who is following the rules and save us all a good deal of money.
I know I’m being robbed blind by some of these “refugees”. This is a chance to prove it, once and for all.


One Response to “Free holiday, anyone?”

  1. War. On Tv. said

    That’s more than reasonable. I would also love to know if any of them had refugee status in Denmark. Rules are rules. Why have them if no one is going to try to enforce them.

    To be honest, it looks like the left seems to know how this would turn out…and consequently how it would damage their political clout.

    If someone lives in a poor and/or dangerous country, being allowed to move to Denmark (or Australia or Canada or…) is a once in a lifetime opportunity to greatly improve the quality of life for them and their children. It should be reciprocated with respect.

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