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I thought everyone should see this.

Posted by Exile on July 22, 2006

One Muslim terrorist and one more Muslim.

Make a nice couple, don’t they?

Almost brothers.


2 Responses to “I thought everyone should see this.”

  1. War. On Tv. said

    The PLO did it. Hizballah did it. Hamas did it. I wonder how long it will be before someone in the NY Times is explaining how Al-Quaida is now a political party with elected members of Parliament in some god forsaken country and we should give them a chance. We should stop expecting terrorist organizations to perform better if we invite them into the political process. The PLO, Hamas, and the Hizballah are still determined to kill Jews and destroy Israel. They aren’t political groups with military wings; they are terrorist organizations with parliamentary approval.

  2. Exile said

    Now that’s a comment!

    Bravo indeed.

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