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We are at war already!

Posted by Exile on July 22, 2006

Terrible news but it’s true.
The western world is already at war with the middle east. Our politicians know this but they won’t admit it. We have been at this war for hundreds of years but it is going to peak soon and become public. The end game has to start soon.
How do I know? Well, let’s take a look at our recent history and track record concerning the area.

Kuwait was invaded by Iraq. A ‘coalition’ of countries went there and drove the Iraqis out. Which countries made up the coalition? Discounting Saudi, all western countries. Saudi only joined in because they feared they may be next.

Saddam Hussein gets to be too much. A ‘coalition’ of countries goes to Iraq and deposes him. Which countries made up the coalition? All western countries. Note the turks wouldn’t join in as they secretly supported Saddam on the kurdish question.

Now there is talk of a new ‘coalition’ to go to the Lebanon and “keep the peace”. (What peace?) Who do you suppose will make up the coalition?

Do I see a pattern emerging here?

The next piece of evidence of war between us and the middle east is the constant and continuing terrorist activity directed at the western world. Who do you suppose is attacking us? Not the jews. Not the hindus. Not the buddhists. Discounting the various christian factions, who’s left? And where do they come from?
Of those arrested and convicted for terrorist acts, what are their nationalities and religions?

I think I can see the pattern there very clearly.

Has the time not come, where we should abandon the pretence of peace in the world and take the consequences of this state of affairs? Israel is doing in miniature what we should be doing globally. Is it not time to mobilise all the troops we can muster, all the technology we can bring to the field, and go after the islamic arab world with all that we have and utterly obliterate the Irans, Syrias, Yemens, Saudis and other beligerant nations that have declared war on us by proxy and continue to fund, feed, arm and support their guerilla troops all over the world?

I think so. One big hoo-ha and it would over in weeks.

I love disproportionate action, and I think we are all ready for it.
I know I am.


One Response to “We are at war already!”

  1. Sperestillan said

    Well give me a couple of weeks to get fit first, I’ve not properly recovered from my op yet, lol.
    But yes, if I could join up again I’d be running down to that recruiting office.

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