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A grave situation indeed.

Posted by Exile on July 23, 2006

The first, and until now, only Muslim cemetary in Denmark is having a few problems getting underway. No sooner has the area been designated than people are beginning to protest it in the strangest of ways. Before it has even been blessed and dedicated, it has been vandalised. The cemetary is in Brøndby, a Copenhagen suburb, and has been at the centre of a controversy fom the start. According to the chairman of the Danish Islamic Burial Fund, Kasen Ahmad, the problems are so great that he worries that the cemetary project is in danger of failure and will be abandoned. The field has been ploughed up by cars, there are tyre tracks all over it and swastikas have been painted on the grass.
The vice-chairman, Ahmet Deniz shares his concern. “We are upset over this, and of course, we worry that this will continue after the cemetary is in use. We will not dedicate this place until we have our security in order”.
He blames the vandalism on “small people, that have little tolerance for others, thinking only of themselves and destroying not just their own land, but the possibilities for enrichment by living in a country with a diversity of people.”

(“little tolerance for others, – destroying their own land”….I wonder where they learned that?)

The vandalism has been reported to the police.

However, there is more going on than a little moonlight ploughing… And strangely enough, the same name turns up again. Apart from being the chairman in the Burial Fund, Kasem Ahmad is also a spokesman for the Society of Islamic Faith which has its headquarters on Dorotheavej in Copenhagen. And guess what? The “mosque” has also been vandalised.
Youths (sorry, couldn’t resist it!) have been reported throwing bottles and stones through the windows and breaking down doors. This has been going on for some time but, according to our Kasem, it has been getting worse after the Motoons and after Pia Kærsgaard from the Danish Peoples Party had labelled the society imams as traitors.

Apart from the vandalism, the society has been receiving a steady stream of hate mails. Kasem has made a nice collection of them and showed examples.

One said “Abu Laban! Get out of our country now, or you will die, you dirty muslim pig!”.

Sorry. No further comment on that one!

One is reminded of the old handbills in the wild west..

Hat tip: Jyllands Posten.


2 Responses to “A grave situation indeed.”

  1. Rightwing Guy said

    good post

  2. eatyourbeans said

    “dirty Muslim pig”: This is of course offensive, and worse, an illiteracy. The pig, like the dog, is intelligent and companionable, and bears no resemblance the problem at hand.

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