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First ECRI, now CERD.

Posted by Exile on July 27, 2006

The lunatics have finally taken over the asylum. I am sure of this as I sit here and read that Denmark is to be examined by CERD, The United Nations Commitee on Racial Discrimination, to see if it is doing enough to fight racism. A group of civil servants from from Geneva is to come to Denmark to question whether or not we are adhering to the convention for the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination.
Strangely, this examination comes shortly after the inaccurate, lacking and incorrect report from ECRI (the EU Commission against Racism and Intolerance) had been published. Coincidence? No, I don’t think so.

The ECRI report was so far off the mark that it was totally rejected by the Danish Government. So now it would appear that the EU is soliciting the help of the UN bully boys from Geneva to put us in our place.

ECRI decided that Danmark is a hotbed of racism, now CERD is going to make it a certainty, so that ECRI can continue the point the finger legitimately and without criticism. It is still wrong of ECRI to do so, but that doesn’t matter. They have decided it is so. After all, they wrote a long report saying just that, so now it must be confirmed. No point in confusing them with facts. And, of course, how can two “independant” commitees be wrong when they both agree? That both are financed and employed by the left wing liberals of the EU and the UN has nothing to do with it.

No. Difficult little non-conformist Denmark must officially be sent into the corner until it has learned its lesson.

It should be noted that the ECRI report states that Muslims are “a threatened minority” in Denmark. If there is any racism to be found here, it is in that minority. But that would never be published.

The representative on human rights from the Danish foreign ministry, Kim Vinten, doesn’t think we have anything to worry about. He says that the difference here, is that the delegation from Geneva will be here in person asking questions, not merely relying on documents and press clippings to form its opinion. He expects hard questions from the delegation but, as he says, “They are well informed. They will ask us what is being done. We will take it from there.”

Personally, I think he should welcome them in, tell them what he thinks of them, and then show them out again. Race is not a problem here. Religion is. There is a huge difference.

The Danes are not ones to be educated about what they should or should not think. We have a free society here, we speak freely and we think freely, and we don’t need ECRI from Brussels or CERD from Geneva to tell us what is right, or wrong, in Denmark.

ECRI, CERD, thanks for your comments and concern. Now clear off.

Hat tip: Jyllands Posten.

6 Responses to “First ECRI, now CERD.”

  1. R. Sherman said

    Greetings. I pop in periodically from the States and enjoy your take on things.

    Of course, here, no such commissions would be allowed in the first instance. This is what happens when a country begins to surrender parts of its sovereignity.


  2. Sperestillan said

    I think, if I remember correctly, the UN did this sort of job on the UK a short while ago too.

  3. Exile said

    R. Sherman..

    Thankyou Sir, one aims to entertain.
    Glad you enjoy reading it.

    If you have any links, I would be grateful.

  4. Mikael said

    Race is not a problem here. Religion is. There is a huge difference.

    Exactly! Always we hear the “racist” outcry whenever any critism on Islam is uttered. But Islam is not a race, it’s a religion.

    No one is ever saying “racism” in the inter-muslim violence. When Sunni’s are blowing up Shiites and visa versa, when Arab muslims are killing african muslims, the R-word is never mentioned.

    But if, in Europe, a gentleman of Mid-Eastern origin is cited for jay-walking, you can be sure a complaint of “racism” will be filed.

  5. Zonka said

    A, but you’re all mistaken… Islam is a race, it’s the fast track to hell… and the race is to stop Islam before they’ll drag us all down with them, before it’s to late.

  6. Sperestillan said

    Only just seen that request for links, lol.

    Unfortunately I can’t find any links as it occurred a few years ago, but was in all the news at the time if I remember rightly. The CERD had done some kind of report on racism in the UK, and the report was quite damning. I think it was in the wake of the accusation that the UK police were ‘institutionally racist’ and suddenly ‘institutional racism’ became the buzz word with which to describe anything British.

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