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Lebanon – Iraq. The connection.

Posted by Exile on July 30, 2006

I often go to The Times of London for a quick read of the blogs and comments one finds there. This one is both stunning and frightening. I recommend that everyone read it.

Lebanon is the sideshow to Iran’s sinister moves on Iraq.
Andrew Sullivan

While the world remains understandably transfixed on Lebanon and Israel, one fact bears keeping in mind: more people were killed in Iraq in the past two weeks than in Israel and Lebanon combined.

At their joint press conference on Friday, both Tony Blair and George W Bush mentioned Iraq but they understandably avoided the connection. One crisis at a time is the strategy — and Blair is now, willy-nilly, the bewildered president’s closest ally and indispensable bridge to the international community. But if the war in Lebanon was begun by an Islamist Shi’ite militia, the war in Iraq is increasingly being waged by a clone of the same. It is in some ways the same war: a resurgent Shi’ite terror machine bent on the destruction of Israel. Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al-Qaeda’s guru, putting aside his enmity towards the Shi’ites for the sake of a joint war on Israel, said as much last week.

It would appear that someone at The Times has finally grasped the seriousness of the situation.
Read the entire article here.


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  1. WC said


    You might enjoy reading my latest post at the Gathering Storm – ” Storm Track Appeasement: You’re Being Sacrificed. How Does It Feel?”


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