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The "deadline" idiocy.

Posted by Exile on August 31, 2006

Another “deadline” came and went. Why do we call it a deadline? What does that stupid word really mean? Iran hasn’t stopped producing uranium or stopped it’s nuclear programme, despite today’s “deadline”. All the world’s political leaders are sitting round their various tables and asking the question, “What now?” They are doing so for various reasons, some good, some bad, but I already know the answer.
What comes next is – well – nothing, really. Inactivity. Indecision. Nothing.
The U.N. will issue statements about it’s “concern”. So will the Security council and the IAEA. So will the EU. The U.S. will protest and threaten. Israel will plan for nuclear war. New “deadlines” will be set. Reports will be written. Memos sent. Fingers wagged. Nothing.
Oh, the embargos will go up, and the sanctions will be put in place. Letters will be written and discussions will go on endlessly but it all means the same. Nothing.
The sanctions will be broken. If by no-one else, then by the Chinese, who will buy whatever North Korea wants and ship it to North Korea. The North Koreans will then fly it all the way to Iran. Or sail it. Or whatever. If not them, then somebody else. But the process is the same. Rogue states will use their finer connections and feed the Iranian monster. For profit or for Allah. Take your pick. It makes no difference.
No-one will know. No-one will do anything to stop this. It is business as usual. Consequences? Nothing.
Sanctions and embargos will only slow down the process for Iran. They will not have a devastating effect on Iranian nuclear ambitions or their programme. The only devastation we will know about, is when the first Islamic jihadi nuclear bomb hits wherever it is sent to hit. Probably Tel-Aviv.
U.S. intelligence tells us that Iran is five to eight years away from a nuclear bomb. That sounds like another deadline to me. We have less than that time to put a stop to the madness that is going to wipe thousands of people off the face of the earth. This is not the time for sanctions and embargos. This is the time for very positive, very aggressive action. After all, what are “deadlines” for?

Don’t hold your breath while you wait for it.

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Latest news from the magic grotto.

Posted by Exile on August 29, 2006

Rumour control has it, that in order to bolster it’s press coverage, Al-Queda’s top brass are trying to find a catchy slogan to convert to bumperstickers and such.
So far, they are not having much luck.

Photo by Rooters.

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The learned idiot to the left of me…

Posted by Exile on August 29, 2006

My apologies to Israel on behalf of the Danish parliament. I didn’t realise that idiocy and stupity was alive and well in the halls of Christiansborg, the seat of Danish government.

I found this little article in the Copenhagen post and had to bring it here. The MP mentioned in the article has a colourful history including having been chairman of the Communist Students (1977-1982) and political editor on the communist newspaper ‘Land og Folk’ (1986-1989). The tiny party he represents is a mix of old communists and far left drop outs. Despite his M.sc. in economics, he has never quite gotten over the fact that communism failed and he is stuck somewhere in the last century.

MP reports Israeli minister for war crimes.
By The Copenhagen Post.

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni’s visit to Denmark has given one political party occasion to protest Israel’s activities in Lebanon.
Frank Aaen, chair of the Red-Green Alliance party, has reported Tzipi Livni, the Israeli minister of foreign affairs, to the State’s Attorney for Special International Crimes. Livni is currently in Denmark on an official visit.
Aaen believes that there should be a full investigation by the state attorney’s office as to whether Livni can be held responsible for war crimes, which Amnesty International asserts Israel has committed in Lebanon.
A press release from the Red-Green Alliance specifically outlines Israel’s alleged crimes: bombing of civilian areas and infrastructures, the use of cluster bombs, and the implement of a blockade preventing emergency services from reaching the injured.
‘What’s the point of international law if there are no consequences for breaking it?’ stated Aaen, adding that he would have taken the same action if it had been a member of Hezbollah who was visiting.
‘As a co-signer to the Geneva Convention, Denmark has an obligation to prosecute war criminals if they are in the country,’ Aaen said.

Grow up Frank, and get real.

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Hands off our Jihad!

Posted by Exile on August 28, 2006

Al-queda has got a bee in its bonnet (or should that be turban?) over the press coverage recently gained by the Shia muslim Hezbollah. They are feeling forgotten and are fairly upset that the headlines have been stolen. So upset, in fact, that the Al-queda top brass has gone to the press and said a few nasty things about its muslim competitors in the evil-doings business. WorldNetDaily carries this article:

Al-Qaeda member: Hizbullah backed by evil.
Website quotes al-Qaeda senior figure as saying: ‘Hizbullah are infidels, it and Israel are enemies of Allah’

The statement represents the seething resentment of Sunni al-Qaeda, directed at what it sees as an attempted Shiite takeover of the jihad campaign in the Middle East. In the speech, Rahman espoused anti-Semitic conspiracy theories inspired by the Russian forgery, the protocols of the elders of Zion: “We know very well from our history that the Jews target to occupy Lebanon, Syria and even the north of the Arabian peninsula even up to Iraq to the river of Furaat (Euphrates).”

Ooh. I’ll bet Nasrallah is worried about this. Not only does he have to look for Israeli Mossad assassins, he’s got to keep an eye out for OBL’s mob too. Double jeopardy.
The ranting continues for a while and then turns acidic.

However, he then turns his wrath to Hizbullah, Iran, and Syria, calling them “infidel entities,” and arguing that they are preventing Sunni jihadis from attacking Israel.
“We need to know the reality, and we already know how Hizbullah do not fight for the sake of Allah. They declare themselves that they fight for the sake of Lebanon, are backed by the most corrupted regimes – Syria and Iran – and backed by the most evil people,” Abdul Rahman was cited as saying.
“Hizbullah has been the shield for the northern border of Israel, just like the eastern and southern shield is Jordan and the western shield is Egypt. These shields are all to prevent any Mujahideen (holy warriors) from entering Israel or to attack them,” the message said.
Abdul Rahman claimed that Israel was actually focusing on “the Sunni and Palestinian Mujahideen in Lebanon rather than Hizbullah who will escape disarmament by joining the Lebanese army. We remember when al-Qaeda launched rockets from southern Lebanon, it was Hizbullah who rose to defend Israel and condemned it and threatened to cut the hand of those responsible if they caught them,” the statement said.

Sounds like one pissed off Jihadi to me. There has to be a Nastygram in all of this somewhere. However, the idea that all the arab nations surrounding Israel are there to protect Israel is, at the very least, intriguing. Is Al-queda about to step up it’s efforts in the arab world by attacking all those states? Is there a hidden threat here? I think maybe there is. He rattles on:

Rahman also complained that Muslims were being led to disregard warfronts launched by Sunni jihadis around the world: “The mistake of many Muslims is that because of this one story, they have forgotten about Somalia while the enemy forces are preparing to enter Mogadishu, they forgot about Sudan and Darfur, they forgot about Afghanistan, China, Iraq, Kashmir.”
“Lebanon is a battle between two kuffar (infidel) entities but those losing out are the innocent people caught in between who are not part of the conflict. The people should be patient, we do not fight for land or rock; we fight for the word of Allah to be the highest in that land, we fight in the Muslim lands to make the word of Allah the highest, not for the word of the kuffar regimes to be the highest. We need to believe decisively that all of Muslim land is our land: Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine and all others”.

Like a child unwilling to share toys. “It’s OUR jihad, you bastards!”.
I am reminded of the scene in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”, where the two terrorist cells meet in the sewers under the home of the Roman governor. They all end up killing each other, the only survivor being our hapless hero, Brian.
Clearly Al-queda are jealous of the press successes that Hezbollah have recently gained. Al-queda doesn’t have a green helmet guy, or Adnan Hajj or Reuters to present their case in the gullible and fraudulent MSM. With a bit of luck, this will turn nasty.

Now I know why so many of the Islamic flags have green backgrounds.

It signifies envy.

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Ooh, We’ve been lovingly kidnapped.

Posted by Exile on August 27, 2006

Around midday CET, Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig, the two kidnapped journalists from Fox TV, were released, safe and sound, back to the free world. CNN is all over it like a horny dobermann on a hot poodle.
They are ever so grateful to everyone, short of royalty and the pope, but especially the Palestinian authorities, for their release. According to them, they were kidnapped at gunpoint, tied up and blindfolded, driven to some dirt-floored warehouse and made to lie in the dirt for hours. Later they were video-taped in varous locations and were forced, again at gunpoint, to convert to Islam.
After twelve days and some haggling amongst the Palestinian government and the so-called Holy Brigade of Jihad, they were returned to Israel.
In the press conference held at the Beach Hotel in Israel, Centanni described the palestinians as “Beautiful, kind hearted, loving people”. Steve Centanni is more concerned that other journalists will be discouraged from going to Gaza to cover the “wonderful story of the palestinian people”.

I don’t buy a word of it. Not one. Here’s why.

This Holy Brigade nonsense for a start. Their demands? The release of all muslims in American jails. Right. That is really going to happen at the drop of George W.’s hat.
Every dumb-ass, never-went-to-school, pig-shit-thick, ignorant Jihadi knows that. Come on, money speaks. This demand just sucked ass. It’s dumber than plywood. It was never serious nor was it meant to be believed.

I remember wondering why these two were going to Gaza when all the other journalists were up in Lebanon thirteen days ago? It just seemed wrong then, as it does now.

The palestinian government has been in contact with this so-called splinter faction of Palestinian “resistance” from day one. I believe they invented them. Rhetorically correct name and all. As such, they do not exist, except in the newspapers.

The two journalists on the “I’m a hostage, hear me whimper” Pallywood videos. Far too relaxed. They didn’t even look as if they were in danger. No stress lines, no hanging eyelids, no nervous ticks. Smiling faces. Too brave. Wiig’s message to his wife? “Don’t worry. I’ll worry for both of us.” Really? How comforting.

Lastly, either they are both suffering from an extraordinarily severe case of Stockholm Syndrome or their priorities have always been way off base.

Had I been kidnapped at gunpoint, tied up, blindfolded, robbed of my freedom for twelve days, forced to convert to some idiotic religion at gunpoint and had been under the threat of death for all that time, I am damn sure I wouldn’t be describing my captors as beautiful, kind-hearted or loving. I am also pretty damn sure that I would be warning every other Joe News-guy to stay the hell out of Gaza unless he had a platoon of Marines at his back to defend him. “Wonderful story” or not.

I get the idea, that this is all one big PR number on behalf of the Palestinians.

Call me a cynic. Call me a conspiracy freak. But I have a real problem with these two. I just don’t believe them.

It stinks like rotten fish.

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A better use for the crescent moon.

Posted by Exile on August 25, 2006


Isn’t that a little more interesting than what we usually see?

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Look out Hezbollah, the Vikings are coming!

Posted by Exile on August 25, 2006

Right lads, pass out the mead and the fly agaric..!!
A little Viking armada could be on its way to the waters off the coast of Lebanon to assist in the blocking of weapons supplies reaching Hezbollah and to contribute to the ceasefire effort by the, as yet, non existant international force.
Norway has offered four ships, Denmark three and Sweden one. The Finnish contingent looks like being a 200 hundred strong land based unit.

These should be added to the now promised 1600 French and 3000 Italian troops and the present UNIFIL force of 2000 troops.
Which is about half of what was promised to the Israelis, but maybe Kofi has a few muslim countries up his sleeve that are prepared to send their troops in to balance the show for the press?

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Green.. with envy?

Posted by Exile on August 24, 2006

I’m not much of a greenie. I mean, I do enjoy a walk in the woods as much as the next guy, and I do my fair share of bird watching and fishing, but I’m no fanatic when it comes to saving a whale or some extinction-threatened insect. I tend to look at what there is and enjoy the pretty colours. However, one does worry a bit at times and think, what a pity it would be, if all this was lost. So I do ocasionally drop into the green pages and get an update on the world’s green status, if for no other reason, to see how my future grandchildren will fare in what remains of the forest after we have left it.
Two things worry me about the world. (1) We are running out of oil, and (2) our atmosphere is being threatened. At least, that’s what I’ve been told over the last 20 or so years. I did find some encouragement today. The ozone layer is recovering. At least, that seems to be what is happening.

One big-ass holeTwo of the scientists whose work helped alert the world to the existence of a hole in the ozone layer in the 1980s told a conference in Washington, they were hopeful that the ozone layer was recovering. “I’m very optimistic that we will have a normal ozone layer sometime, not in my lifetime, but perhaps in yours,” said Dr David Hofman, who works for the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as director of the Global Monitoring Division. Dr Susan Solomon, of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, said she was also optimistic.
But she added: “There’s a lot more to be done from a scientific perspective in terms of what I would call accountability. “I think it’s very important to make sure that we actually measure ozone – not only not getting any worse, but actually starting to improve, to be sure that the actions we have taken internationally have been effective.”

Hooray. We can all breathe a little easier now. There’s no zone like the Ozone.

So what about the oil thing?
Well, I’ve also been hearing a lot lately about biofuel. Ethanol. Alcohol from plants. Now I’m not suggesting that I sacrifice my single malt whisky just to get about, heaven forbid, but if you can’t get enough oil out of the desert, then what else can be done? Simple. One can grow biofuel crops and distill alcohol from the vegetable mass.
Great, I thought, come and mow my lawn, clip my hedge, take all that you want. It ain’t that simple. The solution is, we need to grow more corn. (Or is that maize…?) Terrific, I thought. At last the poor farmers can make a buck. Or get the whole of Africa to plant corn and make the juice. Wipe out poverty at the same time.
My enthusiasm was short lived. Destroyed by… a greenie.

An american environmentalist called Lester Brown.

He believes that if biofuel gets to be attractive, then half the world will die of hunger because food prices will go up. It seems that each american car will use what amounts to the entire production from four and one half acres of farmland a year. And that would feed seven americans with bread for a year, according to a farming expert called David Pimtal of Cornell University.

Oh. Thankyou both very much, Les and Dave. I’ll bet you both ride bicycles.

Bloody greenies.

Let them eat cake…….!

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Oiling the machine…

Posted by Exile on August 23, 2006

There are a few things I would like to ask the Danish government about. One of them is, why are we paying 6 dollars for a gallon of gasoline? I don’t understand why because, according to A.P. Møller and company, we are self sufficient in oil here. So why are we paying exorbitant prices to get to and from work? Self sufficient is self sufficient. So we don’t need to import the black stuff from the ragheads arab world. And there could be more to come.

Oil company Wexco hopes that the bogs of South Jutland could hold the key to an oil bonanza similar to the one in the North Sea.
A.P. Møller and other companies pumped 21.9 million cubic metres of oil up from under the North Sea last year, making Denmark self-sufficient in oil and netting DKK 24.2 billion for state coffers.
The bogs of South Jutland could hold similar resources, Søren Enevoldsen, director of the Danish Energy Authority’s Energy Resource section told regional daily JydskeVestkysten.

‘By looking at other information and using better technology, we might find today that we have drilled in the wrong places, but nearby there might be something. That is the possibility in South Jutland.’

Oil reserves might lie other places in the country as well. Drilling tests are expected to be conducted in northern Zealand later this year.

For the american reader, 24.2 billion danish crowns is about 4 billion dollars.

So why does the state make me pay all that tax?

To support the middle east I suppose. The poor palestinians, the poor lebanese, the poor Iranians..

I wonder, what they are using their oil money for?

Hat tip: Jyllands Posten.

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22/8..wha’ happen?

Posted by Exile on August 22, 2006

Well, I waited all day. I mean, today was the day. Right? We should be wallowing in grief or something by now according to the Mad Ahminejad.

I am disappointed.

I was ready for the apocalypse.
I stocked up on the tinned food, beer and a little water to mix with my evening scotch. Bought extra tobacco for my pipe. A few good books. Toilet paper…


Now I can retire to the bathroom for a week, get drunk for a month, smoke myself into a coma and read till my eyes fall out. Not to mention all the canned beans and corned beef I can eat. Damn!

I guess Allah’s on holiday or something. Or dead. Or maybe he just forgot.

Maybe we should ask the Brits?

I have a sneaking suspicion they may have upset some devious plan….

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