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Say "Hezbollah" – not "terrorists".

Posted by Exile on August 2, 2006

I had to go to an Israeli source to find this because I don’t think it will get published in the MSM here. The EU in its unquestionable and absolute wisdom has refused to put Hezbollah on the official terror list. Once again, the idiots in Brussels have disappointed, not just me, but doubtless many others. Including our American allies in the war on Islamism.
(No, I’ve taken the consequences of the world situation. It isn’t “war on terrorism”, – it has to be “war on Islamism”).
(Screw the PC version!)

EU: No intent yet to add Hizbollah to terror list.

The European Union does not intend to place Hizbollah on its list of terrorist organizations for the time being, EU President Finland said on Tuesday.

“Given the sensitive situation, I don’t think this is something we will be acting on now,” Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja, told a news conference following an emergency meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels. Tuomioja’s comments were in response to a letter signed by 213 members of the United States Congress sent to EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana asking that the EU add Hizbollah to its terrorist list.

The sensitive situation? We are at war for, heavens sake man. Wake up!
And the Russians, whom I had hoped were a little more awake at the moment, are equally as slow to annonce the status of Hezbollah.

Russia recently published a list of 17 groups it regards as terrorist organizations and did not include the Palestinian movement Hamas or Lebanon’s Hizbollah group, both of which are regarded as terrorists in Washington. Groups on the list, published in the official daily Rossiiskaya Gazeta, included al-Qaeda and the Taliban as well as the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, a rebel group fighting for Kashmir’s independence from India, and Egypt’s banned Muslim Brotherhood.

So what is Hezbollah then? A regular army? Representing which state? Syria? Iran? How will they classify it? Is it a recognised unit of one of these states?
No. Apparently not.
It is a bunch of Islamists with advanced weapons. But not terrorists.
Who do they represent?
Islamism. No more, no less.

So, let’s declare it a war. Let’s make it official. If they aren’t terrorists then they are an army. And armies belong to states. In this case then, Islamic states.
All of them.
Islamist Hezbollah won’t be going anywhere until we wipe them, and their paymasters, off the face of the earth once and for all.

For all our sakes, I hope someone in government somewhere is listening.

One Response to “Say "Hezbollah" – not "terrorists".”

  1. kepiblanc said

    One comment only : the term “Islamist” implies something even worse than “Muslim”. Ever heard of “moderate” Muslims ?

    So why not cut down to the bone of all this EU-nonsense : We are at war with Islam.

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