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The Qana massacre fraud.

Posted by Exile on August 3, 2006

It would appear that the blogosphere may have got it right after all.

The Qana “massacre” is a fraud. I found an article here describing the events and the current investigation. Both Israeli officers, CNN reporters and Front Page Magazine reporters agree that there is something very fishy going on here. The article begins thus:

The world awoke Sunday to the news that an Israeli airstrike killed 57 Lebanese civilians, leading Israel to stop airstrikes for 2 days – but evidence indicates the “massacre” may have been a fraud.

May have been? I’m pretty certain. But OK, I’m naturally suspicious of Arab photos. In fact I’ve even blogged about their imagery and tactics in a “Nastygram” two days before Qana. I didn’t know I was going to be so right. I’m going to let the article speak for itself here:

Though Israel emphasized that Hizbullah was to blame for waging its rocket war against Israel from within a civilian population, Foreign Ministry officials repeated their “deep regret at the loss of innocent life in the campaign against Hizbullah,” and were forced to promise a “thorough and comprehensive examination.”
However, the incident may have been all one big fraud, staged by Arab elements for the world media in order to lead precisely to the situation described above.
As Brig.-Gen. Amir Eshel of the Israeli Air Force told reporters Sunday night, “It is difficult for me to believe that they waited eight hours to evacuate it.” Without additional evidence, Eshel merely left open the possibility that Hizbullah terrorists, or explosives they left behind, caused the explosion.
“Indeed,” writes Robert Spencer for FrontPageMagazine, “it strains credulity that not only did these Lebanese civilians remain in a house that had been bombed for eight hours, but peacefully went to sleep in it after the bombing – since the victims were all apparently sleeping, despite continuing Israeli air bombardment in the area, when the building collapsed.”

The marvellous work done by “EU referendum” has also helped push the inquiry forward.

Rescue workers carrying the victims on stretchers occasionally flipped up the blankets so that cameras could show the faces and bodies of the dead. But, Koret [Reuven Koret, Israeli Insider. Ed.] noted, the ashen-gray faces of the victims gave cause to think that the bodies looked like they had been dead for days.
Photos of the rescue operation transmitted all over the world are “extremely suspicious,” Spencer writes, citing work by EU Referendum showing numerous anomalies in the photos. “Most notably,” he writes, “the dating of the various photos suggests that the same bodies were paraded before reporters on different occasions, each time as if they had just been pulled from the rubble. [In addition], some workers are wearing different gear in different photos, yet clearly carrying the same corpse.”

[My emphasis. Ed.]

Don’t you just love it when we get it right and they get it wrong? Now, who’s going to start printing anything about this in the MSM? Anybody?


2 Responses to “The Qana massacre fraud.”

  1. kepiblanc said

    I agree that EU Referendum made a great job, but unfortunately they only mentioned the caption time stamps on the photos. Someone (can’t remember who, sorry) asked the wire agencies to publish the original photos in jpeg format. So far they haven’t responded and probably never will. Why ?

    Because : digital photos embed EXIF data (such as the exact time of exposure) within the photos themselves and those data can’t be faked.

    The whole affair is Hizbollywood….

  2. dirty dingus said

    Actually EU Referendum has done a whole series of posts on the photos, as have Confederate Yankee and others.

    One other strand is the massive, very professional poster/banner that was displayed in beirut for Condolezza Rice’s visit later that day. Various people noted that the production of that banner is not a quick 30 minute job – it is more like 30 hours.

    I put together quite a lot of the pieces at my blog on Tuesday.

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