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The Hezbollah fix.

Posted by Exile on August 4, 2006

I put up a post the other day concerning the reluctance of the EU to name Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation. The Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja said that this was something the EU would not be acting on just now because of the “sensitive situation”. I wondered what he meant by that. I think I may have stumbled across the answer.
In an article in the Worldnet Daily, the UN Deputy Secretary General himself says he would like to see Hezbollah given the status of a political party and would invite them into the discussions on the future of the middle east. I think I know what Hezbollah wants for the middle east, and Israel is not a part of it.
This from the article:

A top United Nations official says to quiet the “demons” across the “wider Islamic world” the United States and the international community must respect Hezbollah as a political party, not a terrorist organization.
“Everybody would want a solution here which takes away the recruiting power of Hezbollah in the broader Arab world,” said Mark Malloch Brown, the U.N.’s deputy secretary general.
After all, he said, “Hezbollah now is the principle voice of Shia Muslims in Lebanon – something like 40 percent of the population. That gives them immense power as a political party if they were to forsake the military route.”
He said, for example, the issue of the Shebaa farms needs to be resolved, and that would in a broader way address Lebanon’s sovereignty and define Hezbollah as a participant.

So that may be the fix. “To quieten the demons”. Both the EU and the UN appear to be planning to recognise Hezbollah as a political force instead of an armed one. Russia may be in on it too. They don’t want to call Hezbollah terrorists either.
If Hezbollah really have forty percent of the Lebanese supporting them, then I am deeply worried for the future of Israel. And Lebanon.

I should have expected it. Arafat was a murderer and the father of modern terrorism but ended up being brought to the UN to speak as a statesman instead of being arrested and tried for his crimes. Now Hezbollah. Later, I suppose, we will be hearing from Chairman Bin Laden who will speak on behalf of the Al-Queda Party and be asking the UN for support in it’s search for eternal peace….!!

Just when will this madness end?


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