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"I want to ride my bicycle…"

Posted by Exile on August 7, 2006

My apologies to “Queen”.

Ocasionally one picks up the strangest of stories. I found one today and I must say it cheered my heart. The headline in the Danish newspaper “Ekstrabladet” reads – “Man on bicycle explodes.” I had to read it!

My translation:

Early sunday morning in the town of Hab in south west Pakistan the sound of an explosion caused by a suicide bomber was heard. Luckily it was only the bomber who was killed. The explosive belt went off by accident as the terrorist closed on his target, according to the police and Fox News.
“This man came cycling on his bicycle. He had tied explosives to his body and was ready for a suicide attack when the bomb suddenly went off” said Police Chief Munir Hussein. The man’s head was found later. His precise target is not known but the case is being examined. The Baluchistan province, in which the town is to be found, has been targeted before. The local gas pipe lines have been attacked in previous instances.

There you have it. Mad Pakistanis on bicycles. A new and exciting weapon of terrorism. Whatever next?

Questions arise, and I would like a little more detail:
For example, is the bike repairable? Was this some sort of protest over Floyd Landis’ doping story? Will this be commonplace next year in France? What was the last thing to go through this man’s mind.. apart from his asshole?

Unfortunately, the story does not tell us what expression they found on the face of the said head, which was “found later”. I’m prepared to bet, it was one of absolute surprise!


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