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CERD: Praise for Denmark.

Posted by Exile on August 10, 2006

“Denmark deserves praise for a serious bid against racism and for a series of initiatives to improve the integration of ethnic minorities”.

Such was the message given out by the CERD, the UN’s anti-racism watchdogs, after meeting with representatives from the Danish government in the UN’s main office, The Palais des Nations, in Geneva. This does not surprise me. As I have pointed out before, we do not have a problem with race here. We have a problem with religion. There is a world of difference.

CERD is apparently more than happy with the generous foreign aid given out by Danish taxpayers but had a few points to discuss. For instance, the harsh(?) regulations for those immigrants wishing to gather their entire family here and the conditions for children in the collection centres for those who have been denied refugee status or asylum. Compared to other and more damning criticism from ECRI and other organisations in the EU and UN, this report will be surprisingly mild.
I should point out, that the centres for those refused asylum are full. Mainly because our laws don’t allow us to simply repatriate these people immediately. They are still able to refuse to leave the land but must remain in the centre. Children and all. I believe these laws should be changed. Immediate repatriation is necessary.

The Danish civil servants were prepared for questions about the Motoons and our not so politically correct terminology concerning foreigners but these issues were hardly mentioned. And indeed, why should they be? The press is free here, it is not run by the government. They print what they see fit.The hearings will continue today.

One of the UN examiners did raise the point, that he could not understand why the editor behind the Motoons had not been prosecuted in the courts. He is perhaps to be forgiven, he is Chinese, and they know absolutely nothing about human rights, democracy or freedom of the press and speech. I wonder why the Chinese aren’t going through this same examination? Or Cuba for that matter.

As I have said in the past, I wonder what the purpose of these committees is. I doubt their effectiveness and I question their motives. In fact, I see little point to them. They are purposely designed to eradicate any vestage of independance in the EU and I fail to see how the UN can accuse Denmark of human rights violations or racism when we compare this country to so many others including China, the arab nations and the communist left-overs. If the UN is seriously concerned with eradicating racism or the removal of inequalities in the world, why are they not criticising lands like Saudi and Iran, and making their criticism loud, clear and public?

Perhaps it is easier to criticise the western world. Perhaps it is because we are prepared to listen to them and their arguements simply because we are civilised compared to those lands I mention. Either way, I strongly disagree with the watchdog committes and their existence. Like Greenpeace, Amnesty International and the other “holier than thou” liberal mouthpieces, ECRI and CERD should be discarded, or at the very least ignored, by the western world. We do not oppress our citizens, nor do we deny them basic human rights. We do not shoot them when they demonstrate their disatisfaction with the government. We are beyond those actions. And that is why I do not believe, that we have any possible use for these organisations in our society.

*CERD: Committee for the Eradication of Racial Discrimination.
*ECRI: European Committee against Racism and Intolerance.


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