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The non-attack on Heathrow.

Posted by Exile on August 10, 2006

I am sure that by now everyone has heard about the British police rounding up a gang of 20 or so terrorists who were planning to blow up a series of aircraft bound for the USA. Well done the police, MI6 and whoever else may have been involved. Stopping a terrorist attack before they even get near the target is absolutely marvellous. I have been watching CNN and the BBC World on TV for the past hour. After an hour or so they are in repeat mode, nothing new, merely repeating what we have already heard. So I decided to do something else instead. However after thinking a bit, I have a few things to get off my chest.

Heathrow’s reaction: Closing the airport and cancelling the flights out. No hand luggage allowed. Why? The plot has been discovered. It failed. There is no more danger today than yesterday. And less tomorow. So what are they achieving by these extraordinary measures now?

BBC and CNN are continuing to call the affair “an attack”. I repeat; the plot was discovered. The would be perpetrators never got to the airport. Noone has been attacked. Why continue with that idiotic phrase?
The chief of police operations in London was interviewed. The guys from the airport were interviewed. Heathrow management was interviewed. We heard from Washington DC. Noone, neither interviewer nor interviewee, ever mentions the word “Muslim” in one hour of “investigative journalism”, although possible ties to Al-Queda have been mentioned.

I think I can answer the first two parts of my barage. Heathrow was merely the airport involved today. It could have been anywhere else. Washington Dulles. Schipol. Who cares. It is the reaction that is interesting. Not the airport.
ALL the airports are spending huge amounts of money on checking hand luggage. No hand luggage, no expenditure.
ALL the airports have been waiting for the excuse to ban handluggage. Security can then be downsized. There is no danger connected to today’s events. The plan was discovered long before it ever got to be executed. Noone has been attacked. No need to react to something that hasn’t happened. This is no more than economic pre-emption, not extra secutity.
You want real security? Stop flying muslims around the world on western aircraft. No muslims, no terrorists. Let them fly with arab airlines. Simple. Cheap. Effective. I would definitely choose to fly with such a non-muslim passenger airline.

Why would CNN and the BBC continue to dramatise this as an “attack”? Well, simply reporting a highly successfull police investigation concerning a thwarted terrorist attack is comparitively small stuff. No real drama. So let’s create some drama. After all, Heathrow is virtually shut down by this non-event. And let’s not mention the words “Muslim” or “Islam” anywhere at any time for any reason.

As to why they won’t call these terrorists for what they are, and we all know it, I don’t know. They have 21 of them under arrest. Surely the police by now know who and what they are. I do. I am 100% sure. They are Muslims. British or not, they are of that faith called Islam. And they were prepared to kill thousands of people in the name of that religion. They are Islamic terrorists. So why not just say it?

I think everyone should be told that, loud and clear.

Otherwise, this has to be the most mishandled news story this year. The police were successful in their mission and in all the bru-ha-ha, they should be getting the praise they deserve. And that’s it.
Noone got hurt. Nothing got damaged. No arrests in the airport. No “last minute with only seconds to go” aversion of a dreadful and dastardly human tragedy.

That’s an attack?

Thank heavens for Hollywood!


One Response to “The non-attack on Heathrow.”

  1. Sperestillan said

    Don’t know how true it is, but apparently there are still a few running free at the moment, about five of them. Pleased to hear Bush describe them as Islamic fascists though, which naturally upset CAIR but what else is new?
    But if I was a member of the aircrew on any of these airlines, after this I’d be seriously reconsidering my job or trying to garner support from the others regarding muslims and banning them. No one seems to hear what they think though. I wonder what their opinions really are? The aircrew that is.

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