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First "The Times", now "The Telegraph".

Posted by Exile on August 14, 2006

Having stumbled across an article or two in The Times recently, it was much to my delight to find that the Telegraph.co.uk site is also waking up to the vile and violent muslim influence in Britain. The past few days have seen some highly critical articles and condemnation of both the islamic population and the leftist appeasement. I have found a cracking article by Janet Daley from the Telegraph and couldn’t resist tearing a few pieces out and presenting them here.

‘Fascistic’ is the right word for Islamic fundamentalism.
By Janet Daley.

When a committee of Muslim spokesmen announces that, while it condemns violence etc, it nevertheless finds it somehow understandable that Muslim youth should be so “alienated” by the Government’s foreign policy that they become willing recruits to a murderous lunatic sect, their statement is described as a bid for peace rather than a blatant piece of blackmail.
What exactly does it mean, this message of “peace”: that you can only be safe if we get the foreign policy we want – otherwise some of us may feel justified in blowing you out of the sky?

Nicely put. I have asked the same question. I haven’t got an answer yet, nor do I expect one. Muslims are not really known for their honesty and forthright discussion.
Ms. Daley proceeds to hammer the lefty appeasers too;

Would they like to explain to the citizens of Turkey that they may have to sacrifice their secular democracy and be ruled again by the theocracy from which they had broken free?
Or perhaps they could persuade the residents of Spain that, since Islam would like to rule the Alhambra once again, they must, in the interests of meeting al-Qa’eda halfway, consider sacrificing this region?
Next, perhaps, would be the recognition of sharia law in Muslim-dominated regions of Britain and France?

Well, well. And this in a British newspaper, or at least on it’s webside. This lady appears to have more balls than a lot of her male colleagues. The good old BBC got a bit of a whipping too;

This pernicious nonsense is treated by the BBC as if it were the height of reasonableness.
But perhaps the BBC believes that it is helping race relations in Britain by pointing a microphone at every young male hothead on the streets of Walthamstow and Birmingham, without bothering to ask who he speaks for, how many people he represents, whether even his parents agree with him.
Or by “balancing” every discussion with an equal number of Muslim moderates and extremists, implying that their numbers within the community are the same.

It would appear that the press in the UK has been awakened by the latest plot to murder thousands in the name of Islam. The article also points out that the young men involved are not the sons of hard up and victimised foreigners. Some of them have university degrees, all are home grown, brought up in reasonable surroundings and some have only recently converted to Islam and therefore have no history of supposed western victimisation to fall back on as a reason for their actions. About the only things that unite them are their religious idiocy ideology and their Pakistani roots.

I would suggest everyone read the article. It may be indicative of things to come and may even herald the beginnings of a little resistance in the UK.
I think Ken Lydell might like to see this one….


One Response to “First "The Times", now "The Telegraph".”

  1. shoprat said

    I hope you’re right about a little resistance in England, and a few more European countries as well. When Yamamoto bombed Pearl Harbor he knew he had “awakened a sleeping giant.” I wonder what it will take to wake up the sleeping giants of Europe.

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