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Wasted time, wasted chance, wasted lives.

Posted by Exile on August 15, 2006

I daresay that we are all watching the situation in Lebanon right now and wondering how long this supposed ceasefire will last. I say supposed ceasefire because Hezbollah are still shooting and getting shot back at.. successfully shot back at, I might add. Chalk five more up to the Israelis for no losses.

The empty boasting has, of course, begun from the idiot arab press and Nasrallah and the Syrian twaddle-mongerers, calling it a great victory for Hizbollah. How they can consider the Israeli advances up to the Litani river and the destruction of a great deal of their forces and materielle a victory is, frankly, beyond me.

But, OK, Hizbollah, ably assisted by UN intervention, have managed to avoid total destruction for now and will live to fight another day in the not too distant future. And they will fight another day, no doubt about that.
They will not be disarmed. Despite all the talk of the UN or International force or whatever is put in place to hold Israel back and guarantee the border with Lebanon, the Lebanese army will not disarm Hezbollah nor will it dismantle the guerilla force. Nor will anyone else. Hezbollah may move further north into Lebanon, or even into Syria, but it will not be disarmed. Once again the UN has prevented the destruction of an Islamic terror force and allows the forces of Islamic evil to continue.

It could have been so different. All we had to do was go in and assist the Israelis.

But we didn’t.

The War against Islam will have to wait a bit longer. And untold more innocents will have to die because they, the terrorists, are emboldened by our failure to unite and eradicate them.

And that is, perhaps, the victory that the Islamist fascists are referring to.

One Response to “Wasted time, wasted chance, wasted lives.”

  1. Bushwack said

    Very true, This “wait” policy is going get a lot more people killed than it would have if we handled it now.
    Iran will be much more tough to deal with when they have nukes. Syria is gaining momentum, Iraq is still a mess but only because we are trying to build a nation in the middle of a war.
    Our POTUS is making a big mistake by not taking on Iran, and the only way to do that is by telling Iraq you are on your own. Good post

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