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Islamofascist goes to jail.

Posted by Exile on August 17, 2006

This just in from the Danish newspaper “Berlingske Tidende”.
(My translation)

The spoksman for Hitz-but-Tahrir, Fadi Abdullatif, was sentenced to three months in jail for issuing threats against the Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, and for calling for the murder of Jews.

Abdullatif has appealed the sentence.

The question remains whether this sentence will give critics of Hitz-but-Tahrir new incentives. Both the Radical Party and the Danish Peoples Party have already said the organisation should be forbidden, although the state prosecutor, in 2001, said that there is no reason for this.

I don’t agree with the state prosecutor. I think they should be rounded up and deported. Membership of such an organisation should be considered a crime in itself.
Anyhooo – another islamic mouthpiece gets to feel the weight of Danish law pressing down on his evil-minded shoulders. Lock him up and throw the key away.


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