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Peacekeepers? What peacekeepers?

Posted by Exile on August 18, 2006

The UN is having problems with gathering the troops to fulfill its plans for the “peacewatching” force in Lebanon. The French have renagued on the deal with the Lebanese and will only commit 200 soldiers instead of the promised 2500, and other countries are being more than a little cautious with their troop deployments. Not only that, but Israel is a bit suspicious of having forces on its borders from countries that deny its right to exist. Inonesia and Malaysia amongst others. The US and UK will give only logistical support. Bangladesh and Nepal have offered to contribute and the Germans have offered a maritime contingent. How they are going to sail in the sands of Lebanon is not clear.
So, all in all, it looks pretty shabby Kofi.

Strange really. The whole of the EU was blathering on about the tragic loss of life, the bombing of civilians, the poor wretched civilians being systematically murdered by the IDF, blah-blah ad nauseam. But when it comes to the crunch, who really cares?

Look at it this way. The UN is useless. So let’s drop it. The uproar over the Israelis was more politically correct protest than actual concern for civilians. Everyone was expected to protest and show their “humanity”, so they did. Like sheep. One after the other. No one ever expected the ceasefire would demand anything concrete from them and so they are not ready to contribute to the peace process afterwards. Why should they be? They don’t have a bloodthirsty terrorist organisation bent on their destruction right next door, shooting countless rockets at their defenceless citizens. If they did, they would probably do exactly what the Israelis did.

No. Protesting from the safety of your comfortable government seat is easy. It requires no effort or sacrifice. Condemn them all as war criminals and say so loudly for the MSM and the sake of popular opinion in the UN. Heaven forbid that we should actually have to DO something about it afterwards.

So here’s what I think. The Swedes, the Norwegians, the Germans, the French and all those others who demonised Israel during the heroic fight against the Iranian and Syrian backed Hezbollah, should be made to send their troops. They have them, now would be a good time to deploy them. After all, it is they that were instrumental in stopping the Israeli campaign. Their mandate under the UN would be simple. Disarm and dismantle Hezbollah and secure the border with Israel. You know, what Israel was trying to do.
Should take about, oh, lets say, twenty eight years?

Who, I wonder, would protest loudest about that?

2 Responses to “Peacekeepers? What peacekeepers?”

  1. shoprat said

    I don’t think I’d want to be sitting between Israel and the Hezzies with the Useless Nations in charge. Now under the command of a Montgomery, MacArthur or Patton, that would be a different story.

  2. søren said

    Let Israel control it with their airforce.

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