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22/8..wha’ happen?

Posted by Exile on August 22, 2006

Well, I waited all day. I mean, today was the day. Right? We should be wallowing in grief or something by now according to the Mad Ahminejad.

I am disappointed.

I was ready for the apocalypse.
I stocked up on the tinned food, beer and a little water to mix with my evening scotch. Bought extra tobacco for my pipe. A few good books. Toilet paper…


Now I can retire to the bathroom for a week, get drunk for a month, smoke myself into a coma and read till my eyes fall out. Not to mention all the canned beans and corned beef I can eat. Damn!

I guess Allah’s on holiday or something. Or dead. Or maybe he just forgot.

Maybe we should ask the Brits?

I have a sneaking suspicion they may have upset some devious plan….


2 Responses to “22/8..wha’ happen?”

  1. shoprat said

    Possible but unlikely.

    Remember that Al Qaida is Sunni and Iran’s rulers are Shi-ites. They are not likely to co-operate.

  2. kepiblanc said

    Dear Exile, what makes you think that Imadinnerjacket would keep his “promise” ?

    Isn’t he a Muslim ? – They have an obligation to lie…

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