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Look out Hezbollah, the Vikings are coming!

Posted by Exile on August 25, 2006

Right lads, pass out the mead and the fly agaric..!!
A little Viking armada could be on its way to the waters off the coast of Lebanon to assist in the blocking of weapons supplies reaching Hezbollah and to contribute to the ceasefire effort by the, as yet, non existant international force.
Norway has offered four ships, Denmark three and Sweden one. The Finnish contingent looks like being a 200 hundred strong land based unit.

These should be added to the now promised 1600 French and 3000 Italian troops and the present UNIFIL force of 2000 troops.
Which is about half of what was promised to the Israelis, but maybe Kofi has a few muslim countries up his sleeve that are prepared to send their troops in to balance the show for the press?

3 Responses to “Look out Hezbollah, the Vikings are coming!”

  1. kepiblanc said

    Sorry to say so, but I think you – for once – are mistaken here. IMHO this whole UN rigmarole is nothing but a hoax. Ever heard of a succesful UN mission ?

    Those UN units wil not disarm Hezb’allah, but enable it to rearm and reload. And when the katyusha’s start flying again, the Israelis will be reluctant to respond.

    If a UN mission should make any sense at all it should be deployed in Northern Israel. Maybe a few katyushas hitting blue helmets would wake up the conscience of the civilized world…

  2. shoprat said

    I am pleased that they were sent, but I really doubt that they will allowed to be as a effective as they could be.

    My ancestors were vikings, and more than a match for the Jihadists, as many Muslims discovered in a fatal way. It is the spirit of our viking ancestors that is badly needed.

    France needes to remember Charles Martel. England needs to remember Winston Churchill. Spain needs to remember Ferdinand and Isabella as well (except for the unfortunate and wrong expulsion of the Jews). Every country had great leaders in times of war and their spirits need to be rekindled.

  3. Exile said

    Kepi, Shoprat;
    You are both right on all counts. This is more “tongue in cheek” than “pistol in the pocket”!
    The UN has declared that it will not be disarming Hezbollah, so all this political posturing is going to have little effect on the final outcome.

    Let’s not forget, no-one has sent anything yet. It’s all promise, and no action.

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