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Ooh, We’ve been lovingly kidnapped.

Posted by Exile on August 27, 2006

Around midday CET, Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig, the two kidnapped journalists from Fox TV, were released, safe and sound, back to the free world. CNN is all over it like a horny dobermann on a hot poodle.
They are ever so grateful to everyone, short of royalty and the pope, but especially the Palestinian authorities, for their release. According to them, they were kidnapped at gunpoint, tied up and blindfolded, driven to some dirt-floored warehouse and made to lie in the dirt for hours. Later they were video-taped in varous locations and were forced, again at gunpoint, to convert to Islam.
After twelve days and some haggling amongst the Palestinian government and the so-called Holy Brigade of Jihad, they were returned to Israel.
In the press conference held at the Beach Hotel in Israel, Centanni described the palestinians as “Beautiful, kind hearted, loving people”. Steve Centanni is more concerned that other journalists will be discouraged from going to Gaza to cover the “wonderful story of the palestinian people”.

I don’t buy a word of it. Not one. Here’s why.

This Holy Brigade nonsense for a start. Their demands? The release of all muslims in American jails. Right. That is really going to happen at the drop of George W.’s hat.
Every dumb-ass, never-went-to-school, pig-shit-thick, ignorant Jihadi knows that. Come on, money speaks. This demand just sucked ass. It’s dumber than plywood. It was never serious nor was it meant to be believed.

I remember wondering why these two were going to Gaza when all the other journalists were up in Lebanon thirteen days ago? It just seemed wrong then, as it does now.

The palestinian government has been in contact with this so-called splinter faction of Palestinian “resistance” from day one. I believe they invented them. Rhetorically correct name and all. As such, they do not exist, except in the newspapers.

The two journalists on the “I’m a hostage, hear me whimper” Pallywood videos. Far too relaxed. They didn’t even look as if they were in danger. No stress lines, no hanging eyelids, no nervous ticks. Smiling faces. Too brave. Wiig’s message to his wife? “Don’t worry. I’ll worry for both of us.” Really? How comforting.

Lastly, either they are both suffering from an extraordinarily severe case of Stockholm Syndrome or their priorities have always been way off base.

Had I been kidnapped at gunpoint, tied up, blindfolded, robbed of my freedom for twelve days, forced to convert to some idiotic religion at gunpoint and had been under the threat of death for all that time, I am damn sure I wouldn’t be describing my captors as beautiful, kind-hearted or loving. I am also pretty damn sure that I would be warning every other Joe News-guy to stay the hell out of Gaza unless he had a platoon of Marines at his back to defend him. “Wonderful story” or not.

I get the idea, that this is all one big PR number on behalf of the Palestinians.

Call me a cynic. Call me a conspiracy freak. But I have a real problem with these two. I just don’t believe them.

It stinks like rotten fish.


2 Responses to “Ooh, We’ve been lovingly kidnapped.”

  1. Dymphna said

    Yes, it rather has the odor of fish left out in the sun on the Gaza strip.

    Wonder how Fox will make this go away…I just remembered that some Saudi bought 5% of Fox not too long ago. So I wonder, too, how heavy his hand is on the spin factor.

  2. IMBch said

    Right on – Cannot but agree with your analysis. Now need to see indeed how Fox News will act in the future with the Saudi money

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