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Hands off our Jihad!

Posted by Exile on August 28, 2006

Al-queda has got a bee in its bonnet (or should that be turban?) over the press coverage recently gained by the Shia muslim Hezbollah. They are feeling forgotten and are fairly upset that the headlines have been stolen. So upset, in fact, that the Al-queda top brass has gone to the press and said a few nasty things about its muslim competitors in the evil-doings business. WorldNetDaily carries this article:

Al-Qaeda member: Hizbullah backed by evil.
Website quotes al-Qaeda senior figure as saying: ‘Hizbullah are infidels, it and Israel are enemies of Allah’

The statement represents the seething resentment of Sunni al-Qaeda, directed at what it sees as an attempted Shiite takeover of the jihad campaign in the Middle East. In the speech, Rahman espoused anti-Semitic conspiracy theories inspired by the Russian forgery, the protocols of the elders of Zion: “We know very well from our history that the Jews target to occupy Lebanon, Syria and even the north of the Arabian peninsula even up to Iraq to the river of Furaat (Euphrates).”

Ooh. I’ll bet Nasrallah is worried about this. Not only does he have to look for Israeli Mossad assassins, he’s got to keep an eye out for OBL’s mob too. Double jeopardy.
The ranting continues for a while and then turns acidic.

However, he then turns his wrath to Hizbullah, Iran, and Syria, calling them “infidel entities,” and arguing that they are preventing Sunni jihadis from attacking Israel.
“We need to know the reality, and we already know how Hizbullah do not fight for the sake of Allah. They declare themselves that they fight for the sake of Lebanon, are backed by the most corrupted regimes – Syria and Iran – and backed by the most evil people,” Abdul Rahman was cited as saying.
“Hizbullah has been the shield for the northern border of Israel, just like the eastern and southern shield is Jordan and the western shield is Egypt. These shields are all to prevent any Mujahideen (holy warriors) from entering Israel or to attack them,” the message said.
Abdul Rahman claimed that Israel was actually focusing on “the Sunni and Palestinian Mujahideen in Lebanon rather than Hizbullah who will escape disarmament by joining the Lebanese army. We remember when al-Qaeda launched rockets from southern Lebanon, it was Hizbullah who rose to defend Israel and condemned it and threatened to cut the hand of those responsible if they caught them,” the statement said.

Sounds like one pissed off Jihadi to me. There has to be a Nastygram in all of this somewhere. However, the idea that all the arab nations surrounding Israel are there to protect Israel is, at the very least, intriguing. Is Al-queda about to step up it’s efforts in the arab world by attacking all those states? Is there a hidden threat here? I think maybe there is. He rattles on:

Rahman also complained that Muslims were being led to disregard warfronts launched by Sunni jihadis around the world: “The mistake of many Muslims is that because of this one story, they have forgotten about Somalia while the enemy forces are preparing to enter Mogadishu, they forgot about Sudan and Darfur, they forgot about Afghanistan, China, Iraq, Kashmir.”
“Lebanon is a battle between two kuffar (infidel) entities but those losing out are the innocent people caught in between who are not part of the conflict. The people should be patient, we do not fight for land or rock; we fight for the word of Allah to be the highest in that land, we fight in the Muslim lands to make the word of Allah the highest, not for the word of the kuffar regimes to be the highest. We need to believe decisively that all of Muslim land is our land: Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine and all others”.

Like a child unwilling to share toys. “It’s OUR jihad, you bastards!”.
I am reminded of the scene in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”, where the two terrorist cells meet in the sewers under the home of the Roman governor. They all end up killing each other, the only survivor being our hapless hero, Brian.
Clearly Al-queda are jealous of the press successes that Hezbollah have recently gained. Al-queda doesn’t have a green helmet guy, or Adnan Hajj or Reuters to present their case in the gullible and fraudulent MSM. With a bit of luck, this will turn nasty.

Now I know why so many of the Islamic flags have green backgrounds.

It signifies envy.


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