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The learned idiot to the left of me…

Posted by Exile on August 29, 2006

My apologies to Israel on behalf of the Danish parliament. I didn’t realise that idiocy and stupity was alive and well in the halls of Christiansborg, the seat of Danish government.

I found this little article in the Copenhagen post and had to bring it here. The MP mentioned in the article has a colourful history including having been chairman of the Communist Students (1977-1982) and political editor on the communist newspaper ‘Land og Folk’ (1986-1989). The tiny party he represents is a mix of old communists and far left drop outs. Despite his M.sc. in economics, he has never quite gotten over the fact that communism failed and he is stuck somewhere in the last century.

MP reports Israeli minister for war crimes.
By The Copenhagen Post.

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni’s visit to Denmark has given one political party occasion to protest Israel’s activities in Lebanon.
Frank Aaen, chair of the Red-Green Alliance party, has reported Tzipi Livni, the Israeli minister of foreign affairs, to the State’s Attorney for Special International Crimes. Livni is currently in Denmark on an official visit.
Aaen believes that there should be a full investigation by the state attorney’s office as to whether Livni can be held responsible for war crimes, which Amnesty International asserts Israel has committed in Lebanon.
A press release from the Red-Green Alliance specifically outlines Israel’s alleged crimes: bombing of civilian areas and infrastructures, the use of cluster bombs, and the implement of a blockade preventing emergency services from reaching the injured.
‘What’s the point of international law if there are no consequences for breaking it?’ stated Aaen, adding that he would have taken the same action if it had been a member of Hezbollah who was visiting.
‘As a co-signer to the Geneva Convention, Denmark has an obligation to prosecute war criminals if they are in the country,’ Aaen said.

Grow up Frank, and get real.


One Response to “The learned idiot to the left of me…”

  1. shoprat said

    We have some real winners in our House and Senate as well. Every country has them. We just got rid of one of the worst. (Cynthia McKinney).

    Sadly, there is no true international law. Or perhaps that’s a good thing.

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