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The "deadline" idiocy.

Posted by Exile on August 31, 2006

Another “deadline” came and went. Why do we call it a deadline? What does that stupid word really mean? Iran hasn’t stopped producing uranium or stopped it’s nuclear programme, despite today’s “deadline”. All the world’s political leaders are sitting round their various tables and asking the question, “What now?” They are doing so for various reasons, some good, some bad, but I already know the answer.
What comes next is – well – nothing, really. Inactivity. Indecision. Nothing.
The U.N. will issue statements about it’s “concern”. So will the Security council and the IAEA. So will the EU. The U.S. will protest and threaten. Israel will plan for nuclear war. New “deadlines” will be set. Reports will be written. Memos sent. Fingers wagged. Nothing.
Oh, the embargos will go up, and the sanctions will be put in place. Letters will be written and discussions will go on endlessly but it all means the same. Nothing.
The sanctions will be broken. If by no-one else, then by the Chinese, who will buy whatever North Korea wants and ship it to North Korea. The North Koreans will then fly it all the way to Iran. Or sail it. Or whatever. If not them, then somebody else. But the process is the same. Rogue states will use their finer connections and feed the Iranian monster. For profit or for Allah. Take your pick. It makes no difference.
No-one will know. No-one will do anything to stop this. It is business as usual. Consequences? Nothing.
Sanctions and embargos will only slow down the process for Iran. They will not have a devastating effect on Iranian nuclear ambitions or their programme. The only devastation we will know about, is when the first Islamic jihadi nuclear bomb hits wherever it is sent to hit. Probably Tel-Aviv.
U.S. intelligence tells us that Iran is five to eight years away from a nuclear bomb. That sounds like another deadline to me. We have less than that time to put a stop to the madness that is going to wipe thousands of people off the face of the earth. This is not the time for sanctions and embargos. This is the time for very positive, very aggressive action. After all, what are “deadlines” for?

Don’t hold your breath while you wait for it.


One Response to “The "deadline" idiocy.”

  1. shoprat said

    The thing to do is obvious. The courage to do it is lacking.

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