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Where have I heard that before…?

Posted by Exile on September 3, 2006

I found an unusual headline in the Copenhagen Post this weekend. It concerns the Horse Chestnut trees that grow just about everywhere in Denmark. Apparently, a parasitic moth has come to our shores and is working hard to destroy them.

The beloved symbol of Danish gentility, the horse chestnut tree, is facing its demise thanks to a species of hungry moth.
The horse chestnut leaf-miner has rapidly spread throughout the country within a matter of four years. This summer the moth was discovered on the island Læsø. Tree experts now fear the moth will lead to the demise of the horse chestnut tree in Denmark.
The culprit, Cameraria ohridella, is a relatively new species, only first detected in Macedonia in 1985. By 2000 it had already established itself as a common pest in central and eastern Europe.
The moth’s larvae eat the leaves of the tree, causing them to wither, but not killing the tree.


A new species of foreign invader whose offspring eats the leaves of the tree, causing it to wither, but not die. Already established itself as a common pest throughout Europe?

Why does that sound so familiar?


2 Responses to “Where have I heard that before…?”

  1. shoprat said

    When I was a teenager (@ 30 years ago) the Dutch Elm tree was virtually wiped out in North America by an imported insect. When the trees died out so did the insect that killed them. The trees have since regrown. There are very few old Dutch Elms left but there are a lot of young ones. Trees can always be replanted if you have seeds left after the blight.

    Your symbolism is interesting and thought provoking.

  2. Zonka said

    Thought provoking at the very least — It seems Islam is working itself up the evolutionary ladder, I didn’t think it would evolve past the viral level… the good thing is that we don’t have a cure for any vira in existence, but for many macrobiotic lifeforms 😉

    Anyway, too bad with the horse chestnut trees, after just having had all the elm trees cut down and burned recently — but as shoprat said trees can be regrown if one have the seeds! Let’s make sure that we save enough seeds for the future of our own culture, as a precaution of a worst-case scenario.

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