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Turning the tide.

Posted by Exile on September 6, 2006

By now, I am sure, everyone who is reasonably plugged in to the war on Islam is aware of the recent arrests both in the UK, Germany and finally here in Denmark. I get the impression that the powers that be in Europe are beginning to take some notice of the anti-islamic attitude of a growing section of their captive audience. It is about time too.
We the people, it seems, have had it with these whining sponging islamic terrorists and we require a certain form of action if they, the politicians, are to continue to enjoy their status as our elected leaders.

The recent arrests in Denmark have prompted a varying set of reactions from the Islamic populace, and their leaders. In Odense, the centre of the arrests, the local head honcho Imam is a nasty piece of salafist work called Abu Bashar.

Abu the boo-boo BasharHis reaction is the usual “if Denmark doesn’t withdraw it’s troops from Iraq or Afghanistqan, then it will be attacked” blackmail threat that we have become so used to. In fact his statements have drawn angry responses from the Danish Peoples Party, who are actively trying to get him expelled from the country and blame him for the unrest and rising Islamism in Vollsmose in Odense. A point to note here, one of the terrorists arrested in Germany had Bashar’s address and telephone number coded in on his cell phone. It appears that a possible escape route was planned through Denmark, ably assisted by elements of the islamic community in Odense. The police in Germany cannot directly prove that, but the theory is sound and plausible, and the Danish police intelligence points that way too.
The reaction from the Society of Islamic Faith (Islamiske trossamfund), headed up by the deplorable and two faced Abu Laban, is to encourage the muslim population to lay low and hold a low profile. Not surprising. After all, they don’t like a bad press report and they wouldn’t want to give us cause to point the finger more than we can now. This is not the kind of thing one can easily hide or deny, and it isn’t going to simply “go away”. Protest over this one Mohammed, and the crap will really hit the fan.

I do believe that the cat is finally out of the bag. More and more people are becoming aware of the threat from within and the tide may be turning in Europe. Recent polls here show that about sixty percent of the population do not believe that islam and democracy can co-exist. The mass arrests are a good thing. It matters not, that only about thirty percent of those arrested are ever charged with anything. It matters even less that only half of those that are charged ever get imprisoned or fined or be otherwise punished. The good thing about it is, that the islamists know that they have been rumbled and that we are after them. They have less room to maneouvre and are aware of growing public suspicion. This will hamper them. The threat of being constantly monitored by both police and public is creeping ever closer and the whole muslim community is being slowly but surely ostracised, not least because of their inability to oust the violent elements in their own ranks and their unwillingness to eradicate or expose them. They will learn, that if they will not, then we will.
The simple actions of people who will not fly on the same aircraft or travel in the same busses or railway compartments as muslims will eventually tell our politicians that enough is enough and that we need to deal with these people here at home as well as abroad. This cannot be construed as racism. This is common sense and can only be defined as the public recognising the threat of terrorist attack on the street, in the subways and in the air. I think the left-wingers are going to have to change their tune or leave the stage. The native public will demand it and indeed, in some cases, as we saw in the airport in Malaga, they are demanding it already.


3 Responses to “Turning the tide.”

  1. kepiblanc said

    You’re right. The moonbats here in Denmark are beginning to see the obvious too. Last week I was at a wedding with some friends who used to be members of two leftist parties. They’ve quitted. As the groom said : “What’s the point of marrying a beatyful girl if she’s going to wind up in a tent ? – Besides, I don’t have room in my bed for 4 wiwes…or in my house for 4 mothers-in-law”.

  2. eatyourbeans said

    Greetings from the the US. Many of are watching your awakening with great interest. Just let us know if there’s some way we can help.

  3. shoprat said

    This is great news. Now you need to regain your viking heritage and let the Muzzies have it with both barrels.

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