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Talebanistan. A new Pakistani province.

Posted by Exile on September 8, 2006

Or, “the province formerly known as Wazirisatan”.

Musharaf has given up on Waziristan. This is a border area lying between Afghanistan and Pakistan and has become home for the Taleban since their untimely ejection from the relative safety of Afghanistan by coalition forces after 9/11/2001. Five years on, they have set up shop in neighbouring Waziristan and are happily recruiting young jihadis to cross back over the border and attack the old homeland. Pakistani troops are continuing to evacuate the area after a long and losing campaign which has cost them some 700 troops and a loss of face.

The area is probably also home to Osama Bin Laden and his little band of islamic homies. Musharaf has now openly admitted to Ahmed Karzai that there are groups of islamic thugs and warriors here that are invading Afghanistan on a daily basis, but he denies any collusion with these people and absolutely denies that the government or any part of it is helping these lawless brigades of taleban.
According to The Times of London, the retreat from Waziristan was brokered by the Pakistani govenment and tribal warlords in the area, and Pakistan has ordered the release of hundreds of prisoners against the promise that these warlords would cease their border-crossing activities and would not house foreigners. However, a spokesman for the militants, who called themselves local Taleban, said that no such commitment was made, so this is open to discussion.
After the deal on Tuesday the Pakistani military has stopped air and ground operations in the area and granted amnesty to the militant leaders wanted in terrorist attacks. Most were linked to al-Qaeda and have been involved in fighting in Afghanistan. The Government said that foreigners would be allowed to stay if they respected the law and the peace agreement.

I thought the Pakistanis were supposed to be our allies in this war. Here we are, close to the anniversary of the most horrendous act of terrorism ever commited, and the very people that carried it out are finding refuge in a country that we support with billions of dollars in aid.

Now what was that about “not being part of the solution”? Somebody, remind me please.

Hat tip: The Times.


2 Responses to “Talebanistan. A new Pakistani province.”

  1. shoprat said


    Sounds more like a sovereign nation.

  2. Exile said

    You may be right.

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