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Hungarian revolution, again.

Posted by Exile on September 19, 2006

Ferenc Gyurcsany has suffered a sudden attack of honesty. The repercussions of this could well mean the end of his political career, but he isn’t giving up without a fight. Despite protests and pressure from those around him to resign, he claims that he “absolutely will not” go from office voluntarily. The strange thing is perhaps, that all this was known way back in April shortly after the general election in Hungary. From the BBC:

His comments, which were recorded just after a general election in April, have prompted calls for his resignation from opposition parties. […] In excerpts broadcast on state radio, Mr Gyurcsany candidly admitted his government had accomplished “nothing” and had been lying for “the last year and a half to two years”.

“We lied morning, noon and night,” he said in a speech punctuated by obscenities.

I can’t help wondering if this is a general trait amongst the Left. We have experienced it here in Denmark. Social democrat Mogens Lykketoft lied to the Danes eight years ago about pensions and unemployment benefits. He also lied about not changing the conditions to qualify for early retirement. He was the Finance Minister at that point. His PM was Poul Rasmusssen. He did nothing to inform the population as to what their real intentions were. Once the elections were won, the tune changed dramatically. That, coupled with the useless immigration policies of that government eventually brought it down. And the social democrats haven’t gotten over it yet.
Denmark took a right turn four years ago, Sweden did it last weekend, finally showing the peoples discontent with a political system that was out of touch with reality. Germany is on it’s way. Again, during the last weekend, the right wing parties were scoring small victories in local county elections. Are we finally seeing a change in European political order?
I wonder, how many others on the Left are following the same dishonest tactics? That the Hungarian PM can boast that all the Left ever did in the last four years was to stay in power and did that only by lying to the population, makes me shudder. Could it be that others are following in the same tracks all over Europe? I can’t help but notice, that governments say one thing and do another. Again and again. Isn’t it about time we broke the Leftist hold on European politics once and for all? Personally, I find it a bit wearing and tiresome, to be told again and again, what is good for me and what is not, by people who have no idea of how I view life or the living of it. I don’t mind living in a democracy, and I will gladly go for the common best, but if that “democratic” power is built on a lie or on, at the very least, an untruth, then I would gladly see the system rebooted. This not merely based on immigration problems. It is finance and attitude and perhaps a little nationalism. The people will not be lied to. Who was it who said, “You can’t fool all of the people all af the time”? I think many have been fooled for long enough. The truth will out.
The EU politicians should take note of what is going in Hungary right now. It might prompt them to be a little more open and honest about what they plan, say and what they do. If the rioting in Budapest is anything to go by, a similar revolt here in Europe, while perhaps being needed and indeed welcomed by some, will be earth shattering.
This is not over yet. I will be following this closely for a while, in my own quiet way.


2 Responses to “Hungarian revolution, again.”

  1. Vigilante said

    Imagine! Last night I had the strangest dream!

  2. shoprat said

    The left believes themselves to be the advanced guard of new-world-order and that anything is permissible if it keeps them in power so they can bring this about. In their imagination they are lying to us for our own good because we are not smart enough to vote properly if we know the truth.

    Thank God for internet news sources that are not controlled by the left.

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