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Tolerant Saudi Arabia.

Posted by Exile on September 20, 2006

I fell over a little article today in Jyllands Posten, wherein the subject of Christmas was mentioned. Now, this may seem a little early for most of us, even though Christmas is getting to be THE celebration of the year and starts at least one week earlier each year. Or so it appears. However, this was not related to the economic bonanza that we normally connect with Christmas nor did it have much to do with the church.
It simply stated that the Saudis have totally banned any mention of Christmas, or the instruction of anyone as to what Christmas is, or represents. Why? You may ask. Well, it’s very simple. Christmas is insulting to Islam. And to Saudi tradition. As it happens, some private schools were teaching what Christmas represents and they have now been ordered to stop this infidel activity.
Saudi is the only land in the world where it is absolutely forbidden to follow any other religion than Islam.
Why do I not hear the UN, Greenpeace, Amnesty international and all the other leftist mouthpieces decrying this state of affairs? Imagine the response from these people if a western government decided to outlaw the holding of, or instruction in the holding of, Ramadan?
Why is it, that the arab nations can get away with saying and doing exactly as they wish, to the point of being grossly insulting and threatening, while we are bound by the idiotic political correctnes of our own creation, that we dare not protest?

I just wondered. Why this double standard?

My suggestion is, that we ban Ramadan in the west as an unholy infidel practice and an insult to Christianity and western tradition. That instruction in the holding, and celebrating, of it be made illegal.

Watch Kofi and the ummah go bananas on this one. Can you imagine the mayhem? The protests? And the burning of half the world’s embassies?

Let’s start the protest movement.

Ban Ramadan in the west.

Any takers?


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