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The BBC. Bias Beyond Credibility?

Posted by Exile on September 22, 2006

The BBC has gotten itself into a bit of bother with British muslims. The Beeb allowed islamic mouthpiece Abu Izzadeen to rattle and rant on it’s “Today” programme, on behalf of the more extreme elements of the muslim community in Britain. Apparently, the Muslim Council of Britain has really got it’s panties in a bunch, that he was neither challenged on his extreme views nor was he interrupted much by the interviewer. The “moderates” are seething with anger over this bit of one-sided journalism and have protested to the Beeb.

They are, perhaps, understandably upset, that this thug was given prime time to vent his spleen without any sort of balance from the more “peaceful” elements of British Islam. They fear that the interview will give ammunition to the masses and further the idea, that Islam is hell bent on the destruction of the UK. Which, as we all know, it is. I noted that the MCB is attacking the Beeb, not Izzadeen.

Actually, I applaud the BBC for this wonderful piece of journalistic exposure. Let’s not kid ourselves here. Anything that shines the light of truth on Islam can’t be bad. Presenting itself as a religion, while really being a murderous abberation, it is about time that more people heard the true voice of Islam and understood the threat therein.

No wonder the “moderates” are enraged.

This big mouthed jihadi let the cat out of the bag.


One Response to “The BBC. Bias Beyond Credibility?”

  1. shoprat said

    If they keep being so honest about what they believe and intend, they will eventually awaken the slumbering giant called Europe.

    One of the founding fathers of America, Thomas Jefferson, said the best way to destroy a fool is to let him talk.

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