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Islamic antisemitism on the rise in Denmark.

Posted by Exile on September 26, 2006

Antisemitism is alive and well in Denmark. Much to our discontent. The Arab community, read Islamic community, is attacking and insulting our Jewish population. For some strange reason this really took off after 9/11 but quietened a lot within the next year.
What the Jews had to do with that islamic terrorist attack is beyond me, but there is no accounting for attitude.
However, the simple fact is, that the Jewish community is suffering under the weight of Islamic bombardment here. Simply wearing the skullcap is an advertisement for the would-be jihadis to attack. Verbally if not physically. Some have even received hate mail and death threats. Once again we see the “tolerant ” face of Islam.
In the first half of this year there have been thirty reported incidents of this abominable behaviour.

These thugs should be very careful. This country has preserved it’s Jewish community through worse times than these. Even the occupation of Denmark by the German Wehrmacht didn’t affect the Danish resolve. When the decree was given that Jews should wear the Star of David on their clothing, it became fashionable for everyone to do so. Including the King.

They may be Jewish, but they were born here and have a history in this land. They have existed side by side with the rest of Denmark, contributing to the community and generating wealth. Self supporting, hard working and demanding nothing from the state, almost unnoticed among us. Unlike their attackers. We have no Jewish “refugees”.
The behaviour of the Islamic community does not go unnoticed, nor will it be tolerated in the long run.

Attack our Jewish people, and you attack us all.


5 Responses to “Islamic antisemitism on the rise in Denmark.”

  1. kepiblanc said

    Well said, Exile !

    Come to think about it, here in Denmark we have a special code I think is unique : the right to make civil arrests. Anybody can arrest a thug. Personally I would enjoy doing so if I ever came across some Muslim harassing someone wearing a jewish symbol. With force, if need be.

    Could be an interesting trial – against me, of couse….

  2. Exile said

    Hi Kepi..
    Nice to have you back again..
    Citizens arrest is also possible in other countries too, the UK and the US definitely, and probably others. I’d think I might also give it a try. 110 kg’s of ex brit paratrooper might just make the difference…

    I wonder why people don’t use it? The police wouldn’t mind as long as minimum force is used.
    Perhaps we could start a trend?

  3. shoprat said

    If only more of Europe had that spirit, the situation might be very different today. Keep it up.

  4. søren said

    Nobody in Denmark ever wore a yellow star. One old story went that the king would wear one if jewish people were forced to.

  5. Exile said

    Many thanks, you’re right. The King said that if the jews must wear the star then everyone should. He said, “We are all Danes. We make no distinction on religion. We will all wear the star.” Or words to that effect. My own local historian, the wife, put me right.

    Me, jumping the gun again.

    However, the principle is right.
    the Danes do not bow easily to foreign invasion.

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