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Musharaf under fire again.

Posted by Exile on September 28, 2006

General Pervez Musharaf, the Pakistani President, is not having a good week. Not only have the details of the “Bombed back to the stoneage” by the USA affair been released for all to see, but now the British are having a go.
A report which was leaked to the BBC states that the Pakistani intelligence service is in cahoots with Al-Queda and the Taliban.
Musharaf is fuming. He categorically dismisssed the charges and intends to discuss this with Tony Blair during the current round of talks between the two countries.
The report was made by an unnamed source who is described as having a military background and links to MI6, and who travelled to Pakistan in June with a delegation on a factfinding visit. That ought to narrow the field for all the would-be detectives out there. Here’s a little extract:

The British policy of supporting President Musharraf because he provides greater stability is flawed because Pakistan is “on the edge of chaos”, the document claimed. It added: “Indirectly Pakistan, through the ISI, has been supporting terrorism and extremism whether in London on 7/7 or in Afghanistan or Iraq.”

The report apparently echoes the United States report which was outed last week by some mischief maker, and the leaking of this one seems to be having the same effect. This has a conspiracy feel to it. Two reports, both relatively confidential and unfinished, both leaked ahead of time? In two seperate but heavily allied countries?
Draw your own conclusions.

The remark from Musharaf that really caught my eye is to be found at the end of the article from the Times:

The President said: “There’s no doubt that the London [bombers] … have some way or other come to Pakistan. But let us not absolve the United Kingdom from their responsibilities. Youngsters who are 25, 30-years-old and who happen to come to Pakistan for a month or two month and you put the entire blame on these two months of visit to Pakistan and don’t talk about the 27 years or whatever they are suffering in your country.”

Suffering? Oh yes. They had to suffer through school, and they suffered under the National Health program, and they suffered all the social benefits that someone else’s money could buy.

Poor suffering downtrodden BASTARDS.

Read the Times article here.


One Response to “Musharaf under fire again.”

  1. Sperestillan said

    Looking around the net I notice that others are, at last, also saying we need to join together and present a united front against the islamist threat. All I can say is ‘phew’. About time.

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