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Danish PM draws the battle lines.

Posted by Exile on October 4, 2006

Christiansborg - The seat of Danish parliament.The Danish parliament opened for business again yesterday after the summer recess. As is the custom, the Prime Minister gave his opening speech to parliament and, as usual, the opposition tried to trash it afterwards, by explaining to the press what the PM didn’t say, as opposed to what he did. Once you get through all that, they then contradict everything he did say and then explain how they are right, and he is wrong. This is normal and is the recognised method of being in opposition. The usual blah blah.

But Anders Fogh Rasmussen gave the muslims a bit of a bashing this year, without ever mentioning the “M” word. Defending democracy, he said the following, and I quote:

This isn’t a battle of principles between cultures or religions, it’s a battle between sensible enlightenment and fundamentalist obscurity, between democracy and dictatorship, between freedom and tyranny.
Unfortunately, we have ascertained that there are groups and persons here who have extremist views and don’t acknowledge the principles our society is built upon – freedom, free thinking and representative government.
The goal is to help the population towards freedom and self-determination. It’s a difficult assignment, because terrorists fear freedom. We’re fighting for democracy because it is a human obligation.’

Well done Anders. And very well put.

Strangely enough, I haven’t heard or read any comment on that little mouthfull from the left of the room. No denial, no comment, no opinion. Is this a sign that the lefties have finally got the message? Or are they perhaps hoping that if they don’t comment, the usual short memory of the well fed masses will forget what he said. After all, it was the last left-wing government that landed us in the current mess because of their oh-so-open-arms policy and their failure to listen to the people.
So far, the left have failed to inform the electorate of their approach to immigration since being so righteously toppled last time around. I don’t believe they have changed fundamentally since then and it will be interesting to see where the coming year of parliamentary business will take us.

A tad more to the right of centre would do me nicely, thankyou.


One Response to “Danish PM draws the battle lines.”

  1. Sperestillan said

    It appears that battle lines are starting to be drawn over here too.
    If the ball really has started rolling, and I sincerely hope it has, may I just give a little “Woohoo”.

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