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The Koran in the crapper.

Posted by Exile on October 5, 2006

I don’t often comment on the state of affairs inside the USA. I don’t live there, and I don’t feel that I fully understand their motives or their strange muck-raking politics that form the government (and elections) to be able to reasonably comment on it. (Think Foley or Clinton). So I leave all that to the americans, who do a much better job of it than I ever could. However, I couldn’t help having a little giggle when I saw this headline in the New York Daily News.

Koran in toilet: 3rd Pace bias shocker.

The article itself was equally amusing.

A paperback copy of the Koran was tossed into a toilet on the lower Manhattan campus of Pace University – the latest in a spate of bias incidents upsetting students and administrators at the college, officials said yesterday.
The NYPD Hate Crime Task Force is investigating the vandalism of the Koran, and the university’s private security also is probing the incident, sources said.

“A Koran thrown into the toilet? I am hurt, not just as a Muslim but as a human being,” said Zeina Berjaoui, 20, president of Pace’s Muslim Student Association.

In the past two weeks, vandals also scrawled a swastika and anti-black slurs on the same bathroom wall at Pace’s campus near City Hall. Someone also sprayed the N-word onto a car parked at the school’s Westchester County campus, cops and university sources said.

(Point of digression: Why do american journals refer to their police in the derogatory form; cops? Do they not know how to spell police?)

Now, you may ask; What is amusing about all that?
Answer: The following quote from Pace President, Mr. David Caputo.

“One of our university’s greatest strengths is its diversity,”

Apparently not, Mr. Caputo.

I wonder. If the offending book in the crapper had been the Bible, and the graffitti had said “Honky”, or instead of a swastika, the Hizbollah flag or crescent moon, would the revered and fearless NYPD Hate Crime Task Force be equally as energetic in it’s attempts to arrest the perpetrator or perpetrators?
And would Zeina Berjaoui be equally as hurt, not just as a muslim but as a human being?

Somehow, I doubt it.

Any thoughts from “over there”?


One Response to “The Koran in the crapper.”

  1. shoprat said

    I don’t understand our politics either, why one party would cheer for the enemy and while the other is inept.

    The elitists would not care if a Bible was flushed, but the man on the street would be disgusted (but not violent). You need to understand that our media and academia are controled by people who think of the masses as ignorant rabble who need to guided by the enlightened (meaning them). Our media and education system are totally out of touch with ordinary Americans. Thanks to the blogs, the internet, Rush Limbaugh, etc we now know more of what is happening and it drives the elitists crazy, because they cannot control our information.

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