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More leftist madness in Denmark.

Posted by Exile on October 7, 2006

Pia Kjærsgaard, the founder and leader of the right-wing Danish Peoples Party, has been reported to the police and will be prosecuted for writing in her weekly newsletter in June 2005, that large areas of Copenhagen are populated by “people on a lower level of civilisation. With their own (imported) primitive and cruel customs, such as honour killings, forced marriages, halal slaughter and vendetta. […] That thousands and thousands of people that appear to be civilised, remain both culturally and spiritually in 1005 instead of 2005, have come to a land that left the middle ages behind many hundreds of years ago.”
Seven other politicians from the party are also to be charged with racism.

The people behind this idiotic action are “66 well known Danish people” (no further discussion of who they are) and are being led by Rune Engelbreth Larsen, the founder of the left-wing “Minorities Party”. This unlikeable individual is also a regular commentator in the Danish newspaper, Politiken. In his column he describes Pia K.’s comments as being “a systematic effort to incite hatred toward a specific group of people “, and that “immigrant-hostile and islamofobic propaganda” has “not yet been taken seriously enonugh by the general public”.

Well, actually, I agreee with him there. It isn’t taken seriously enough. But I object to the use of the word propaganda. How can the truth ever be propaganda?

Apparently the UN has criticised Denmark for not raising enough court cases with the racism card being moot to the proceedings. We do not prosecute our “racists” often enough, or even attempt to officially label people and their opinions as being “racist” as far as the UN is concerned. This piece of UN interference has been the source of inspiration for the charges.
My answer to that is simple. We do not have racial problems here in Denmark. We only have religious ones. There is no “race” called “Islam”. There is no “race” of muslims. Why do some people confuse the two? Stupidity, I presume.

And yet, I tend to agree with that one too. Only one muslim has been successfully prosecuted for racist remarks. That is far too few. For there are many more truly racist comments and threats to be heard from the muslims, than there are ever made about them.

Even by Pia Kjærsgaard.

Maybe a few letters to the Embassies round about would help?

Or perhaps I can persuade some of you out there, to go burn a Danish embassy in protest. Or should we crave the beheading of Rune Larsen and company? We could make signs that say “Death to those who insult the VRWC” and with them held high, run amok through our capital cities, burning and pillaging as we go.
Hell, it works for the muslims, why not for us?

Or are we, perhaps, already on that “higher level of civilisation” that Pia K. is refering to?

Hat tip: Jyllands Posten.


One Response to “More leftist madness in Denmark.”

  1. shoprat said

    Jesus was crucified for telling the truth to people who didn’t want to hear it or let it be heard. Truth is the most offensive thing there is.

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