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The 910 group.

Posted by Exile on October 7, 2006

Anyone who regularly visits my blog will see a new group logo at the top of my sidebar. The logo was created by Baron Bodissey of GoV fame and represents the 910 group. 910 is new. Again, blame the good Baron for it, he started it, albeit unwittingly, when two very decisive bloggers got fired up over his post; The emperor is naked. Go read it, and the comments section.
The two bloggers are Viktorya and Beachgirl. Go visit them.

910 is to be an active group. That is to say, that by organising pressure from the blogosphere, we intend to take back the press and the culture in our lives. Or at least, change the current state of affairs in the MSM by not letting them get away with it anymore. It is time to fight back. If you want to get involved, drop an e-mail to Vicktorya Stone [vsk@vicktorya.com], explain a little about who you are and then join the Yahoo group via the invitation you recieve from that e-mail.

It’s all a bit new yet, but the more input we get, the better it will be.

So what are you waiting for?


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