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"The law is a ass."

Posted by Exile on October 8, 2006

(My thanks to Charles Dickens).

Denmark’s Public Prosecutor, Henning Fode, has finally answered some of the criticism he has endured concerning the amount, or rather the lack of, court cases under the racist paragraphs of Danish law.

The parliament has made it very clear, that the Public Prosecutor should be reserved on the issue of raising cases under paragraph 226B out of respect for the freedom of speech. This basically means, that he cannot proceed with more cases without conflicting with the lawmakers.

We have a problem here. Denmark is under constant criticism from both ECRI and CERD. These two organisations have been gunning for Denmark for a long time because of our opposition to their view of what is racist and what is not. They simply don’t like the Danish way of handling the problem. We aren’t PC orientated enough for them.
The EU has forced racism laws upon us and they are not working. These laws should be scrapped, or at the very least, re-examined and re-written. Treating both religious and racial differences under one law is equally as ridiculous as it is impossible to administer. We need to separate politics from religion and from race. We need to treat them equally, but separately, under the law.
As the Henning Fode points out, if we followed ECRI an CERD’s view absolutely, we will have a real problem regarding peoples rights to express themselves according to the right to free speech (and the free press) as described in the Bill of Human Rights.

He has highlighted the problem very well. We have ECRI, the European Committee against Racism and intolerance, joining forces with CERD, The Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and these two are working in cahoots to undermine the basic human rights of the very citizens who supposedly support them in the EU and the UN respectively.

I dislike both organisations. And so should everyone else who is in support of free thinking and free speech. I do not need, nor do I require, anyone to tell me what I may, or may not, think or believe. Or what I may, or may not, say. And, thankfully, the present Danish government is in agreement with me.

Which leads me to this little rant:

I used to be a supporter of the EU. I once believed it would be a good thing to ally all the european countries that otherwise had warred themselves to ruin, in one great free-trading mass. I have since changed my mind. I no longer believe that it is for our common good. The elites that run the EU (and the UN) have misused their power to create a leftist PC thought police and I cannot support that in any way. They have shown themselves to be no better than the communist regimes of the USSR of fifteen years ago. They are betraying us.

I now believe it is time for Denmark to consider leaving the orwellian constrictions of the EU.


2 Responses to “"The law is a ass."”

  1. kepiblanc said

    I too used to be in favor of the EU. No more. Fjordman is right : scuttle it, the sooner the better. And as much as I support our PM and the present government I can’t for the sake of my soul understand why they continue their EUdioty.

    A suggestion : get out, arrange a ‘Norwegian’ solution, cancel the Schengen agreement, bring back the ‘border gendarmerie’ of old.

  2. shoprat said

    A union of sorts would probably be a good thing if done right, but from our side of the Atlantic it appears that you are creating a bureacratic nightmare rather than a federation of free states. From where I sit it appears that the EU leadership believes that they know what the common man needs better than the common man does. It appears to be abandoning the very democratic principals that could have made the EU a great thing. It is better to abandon a misbegotten EU than to abandon Democracy.

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