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More Motoons.

Posted by Exile on October 10, 2006

An asshole with earsOnce again, the tolerant face of the religion of peace has shown itself. This time in Aarhus in Denmark. Get a good look at this picture of innocence to the right. His name is Raed Hlayhel. He is one of the many (far too many) imams in Denmark. He was the first to protest over the motoons last year and was with the delegation that went abroad spreading hatred and violence towards this country. I wonder who pays his rent?
He is out there again, this time on Al Jazeera, protesting over the cartoons drawn at a private party held by DFU, the youth organisation of the Danish Peoples Party. The whole event was videotaped by a so-called artist, Martin Rosengård Knudsen, who couldn’t wait to sell the tape to the TV. In fact, he may even have been instrumental in the whole affair by suggesting that the youngsters draw Mohammed. Big deal. I reckon just about everybody has seen enough drawings of Mo, not to get upset about it.
But oh no, not our plucky Raed. He’s deeply upset and hurt and sooo sensitive – again. (Yawn.) Here’s his chance to further his Jihad against his adopted country once more.

He does have a little resistance to cope with. One of the folks from the Democratic Muslims organisation saw him on Al Jazeera and blew the whistle. Ibrahim Ramadan is on the committee of that organisation and says that he heard Rael Hlayhel trying to whip up some sort of reaction, probably violent, directed at Denmark. This is mainly because he (Hlayhel) does not think the last reaction (to the Motoons) was strong enough. Others that have seen the video agree with Ibrahim Ramadan and confirm his translation of what was said.

Rael Hlayhel said, Quote:
“Muslims all over the world must stand together and understand what is happening in Denmark and how they insult the prophet.”

Yep. We sure do.

Screw Mohammed. And screw Raed Hlayhel.

Don’t like it here? Then leave. We won’t mind.

That’s putting it more than politely.


2 Responses to “More Motoons.”

  1. JJ said

    While handshaking is a universal act of goodwill it is also the cause of spreading germs. I have curtailed my use of this custom out of self preservation, sadly.
    JJ in USA

  2. IMBch said

    You suggest that if he did not like it in DK, then he should leave… Well, I sort of disagree! Since he is spreading hatred against his country of adoption, the country of adoption, i.e. Denmmark, should strip him of his citizenship and ship him back to his country of origin. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE

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