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Cough and splutter, wheeze and choke.

Posted by Exile on October 11, 2006

I’m going on holiday for a week. I am going to take a week in the Czech Republic and will be competing along with about 20 other Danes, in the World Championship for slow pipesmoking.

The world record stands at 3 hours 19 minutes, for 3 grams of tobacco in one burn.

I will not be breaking any records! If I can last 1 hour, I will be happy.

Tobacco smoking was invented by the North American indians and first came to Europe with the vikings. Long before Sir Walter Raleigh and company, who didn’t get there before much later, but took all the credit. The indians smoked “peace pipes”. I believe they smoked a little cannabis with their tobacco. They were pretty laid back about life before we started the genocide that came with colonisation. We can thank them for this relaxing pastime.

A strange sport, one may think. Yes it is. But the purpose of it is simple. We all get a new pipe. We are all issued with 3 grams of tobacco, two matches and a wooden stamper. We fill our pipes, we all light up the same time, last man (or woman) still smoking wins. Simple.

The thing is, that we compete with people from all over the world. And we all sit there, in peace with our burning pipes until they go out. And noone gets annoyed, nasty, angry, bitter or bad tempered about it. It is just a bit of fun. Noone considers race, religion or politics. We are simply there to smoke a pipe in the company of others.
Relax and laugh about it.

Now, who said smoking is bad for you? If the whole world smoked a pipe, then it would be a much more peaceful place to live.

Anyone interested can visit the website here.

2 Responses to “Cough and splutter, wheeze and choke.”

  1. kepiblanc said

    I wish you a happy vacation, Exile – and I’ll cheer for you.

    I would like to participate in the contest if it wasn’t for the terrible tobacco : at one contest it was “Sweet Dublin” !!!

    (Normally I smoke St. Bruno, Brown Capstan,Fribourg & Treyer and such with an occasional mixture thrown in. Even some Burley….)

  2. Zonka said

    Hope you have a good time in the Czech Republic, and have some time to enjoy other things than the slow smoking of the pipe-weed… I hear that the beer and girls are magnificient as well 😉

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