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Them bones, them bones.

Posted by Exile on October 25, 2006

Shockwaves are rolling through Germany. Horror and revilement.
Why? Well apparently some German soldier found a human cranium in the desert and held it up for a photo op with his mates. The picture was slipped to the press by some idiot and now the press is having a field day.
I daresay there are thousands of skeletal remains scattered over Afghanistan. I don’t believe anything untoward happened. Just that this cranium was found and photgraphed.

Times have changed.

I remember under a huge miltary exercise in Northern Germany, one of my fellow soldiers was “digging in” when he suddenly said, “Bloody stones everywhere, always there where I have to dig a trench!” Then he stopped. “Hey! This ain’t a stone – it’s a f***ing skull!” (To coin the soldiers vernacular.)
We all immediately stopped digging in and went for a look see. Yep. It was definitely a skull. He held it up triumphantly. Almost Shakespearean. And other bones were found too. That we were in a wood near Bergen Belsen made it even more creepy.
The police were called out, we took our photo’s and the area was thoroughly dug up for remains. We had discovered a leftover from the second world war. A grave in the woods. We never found out just who those poor people had been. Probably Jewish remains, or slavic. There were many dead there.
In the same area, we found a Luger pistol, buried near the base of a tree. It would have remained there if one of us hadn’t needed to answer the call of nature and went to dig himself a latrine. It was still in it’s holster, still loaded, packed in greased paper and bound with string. The pistol was handed over to the police as well, but we received it back as a Squadron “trophy” and it was later displayed along with other regimental memorabilia.
None of this made it into the press as far as I know. No journalists came to interview us and no-one got tried or punished for desecrating the human remains.

So my question is, what’s the fuss in Germany about?
Is it merely because these may be the remains of some old bedouin, who just happened to be a muslim? I don’t think I could have resisted a “Yorrick” moment if I had found the offending cranium.
But these are arab remains, aren’t they?
Oh dear. Better not disturb them then.
And we’d better launch a huge and costly enquiry as to the circumstances concerning this chance find in the desert. We must be sure that we didn’t allow anyone to dig up a muslim graveyard for fun and pleasure.
After all, we wouldn’t want to hurt anyones feelings. Would we?

Much ado about nothing. (To quote my favourite Bard.)

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