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Freedom of the press in Denmark.

Posted by Exile on October 28, 2006

A thing of the past, it seems. The organisation calling itself “Journalists without borders” has relegated Denmark from a first place to A nineteenth place in the ranking of freedom of the press in all lands. This cartoon appeared in Jyllands Posten, one of Denmarks largest and now world famous newspaper, today. I couldn’t resist translating the caption.

The reason for this relegation to the lower echelons? Mohammed cartoons and the following lawsuits against JP and the journalists and cartoonists who drew the famous pictures. Thanks to Mohammed.
Frankly I’m damn well fed up with all the bowing and scraping to these unwelcome muslim invaders. For that is what they are, no more, no less. If the press has any remaining self respect in Denmark, then it has to refute this and publish the truth about the situation.
I am tired of reading phrases like “of other ethnic origin”, “of immigrant background”, “youths” and “new Danes”. This is PC gone mad.
We all know who and what they are. Call a spade a spade. It is not an “earth re-organiser”. It is not a “hand-held-gardening-impliment”. It’s a spade.

So why not start calling these muslim troublemakers by their real title?

They are muslims. Muhammedans. Islamic fanatics. And it is wrong to let those people threaten our press. And it is equally wrong of the press to allow itself to be threatened. If we cannot “publish and be damned” but publish anyway, then what’s left?

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