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Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali and "the meat".

Posted by Exile on October 30, 2006

I’m not much for all this karma business. You know, what goes around, comes around stuff. It belongs to superstition and not rational thought in my opinion. However, just once in a while, I get jolted by life’s strange coincidences. This little article in the BBC’s Asia-Pacific section on their webside had me thinking.

Australia’s top Muslim cleric at the centre of a storm over his comments about immodestly dressed women has asked for “indefinite leave”.
Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali had asked for leave from his duties at Sydney’s main Lakemba Mosque, he said in a statement read on his behalf.

Earlier, he was taken to hospital with chest pains after collapsing.
On Monday, at a meeting with the Lebanese Muslim Association, he collapsed and was rushed to hospital.

He was said to be in a stable condition but would remain in hospital for at least three days.

So he is in hospital, eh? Where he will doubtlessly be well cared for by the very immodestly dressed nurses that he feels are ripe for rape by their simply being, well, women. Women without headscarves. He called them “uncovered meat”.

If I was one of those nurses, I would refuse to have anything to do with the man. He could lie in absolute agony with these chest pains and I wouldn’t even blink.
But knowing how nurses usually are, they will afford him the same care and attention and help that they always manage to provide for the sick and needy. They will wash him, change his bed linnen, puff up his pillows and administer medicine to him. They will ease his pain and offer him comfort.

Somehow, I feel, all that will be lost on the sheik. He will probably feel that is their duty to look after him, simply because he is a muslim man and they are “merely” women. He probably won’t even thank them.

I do hope he’s in a great deal of pain.


One Response to “Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali and "the meat".”

  1. shoprat said

    No female nurse should be allowed to touch him, which would be in keeping with his religion, and should make his stay a little less pleasant.

    We’ll see how it works if he is in desperate need of attention and no male nurses available.

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