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Population control. The hard way.

Posted by Exile on November 1, 2006

Here’s one for the anti-abortion christians amongst us to ponder over.

It appears that in Denmark, more immigrant women are having abortions than their Danish sisters. Especially, says the report, women between 20 and 40 years of age. (It would seem to me, that women between 20 and 40 are more likely to get pregnant anyway but I didn’t write the report, did I?) Actually the statement was made by Lisa Duus, who is a health worker specialising in “ethnic” areas in Copenhagen. She explains that these women are ignorant about how their bodies work on a basic level. They don’t understand ovulation, or when it occurs, and they are equally ignorant of preventative measures. They are in need of both education and information
The actual abortion figures are: Danish woman, 18 per 1000 per year. Non-western women,22,8 per 1000 per year, and remarkably higher for women from Turkey, Pakistan, Iran and ex-yugoslavia. (I can’t find any actual figure in the report.)

Now , I realise that there are many good right-wing christians out there who are against abortion. Their choice. (Though I wonder why in an already overpopulated world.) However, I wonder how many are secretly pleased to think, that the over productive third world muslim people are curbing their own numbers by having abortions?

Anti-islam and anti-abortion?

That must be a terrible dilemma!


3 Responses to “Population control. The hard way.”

  1. mariamaria said

    Here’s a thought…since males are so valued in that culture, how many of the immigrant women were having an abortion when they found out they were having a girl?

  2. Exile said

    Very good point. I honestly don’t know and the report doesn’t mention it. I do know that the abortion laws in Denmark are strict. I don’t believe one can simply choose to abort on account of sex.

    Last chance for abortion here is 12 weeks.

  3. Vanishing American said

    I’m one of those ‘right-wing Christians’. I have never thought about the issue of immigrant women and their abortion rate. I can’t say that I would cheer the higher abortion rate among them.
    We would not have to worry so much about the higher birth rate if we did not keep allowing out-of-control mass immigration into the Western countries. That’s where I would choose to address it. Contrary to what Mark Steyn and others say, the answer does not depend on our just trying to outbreed the immigrants, but in limiting immigration.

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