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The top of the pyramid. (Well, almost!)

Posted by Exile on November 2, 2006

According to an opinion poll in Egypt, Denmark is Egypt’s next worst enemy. Denmark had to take a second place after Israel. Great Britain and the USA took third and fourth, respectively. Ooh! The Danes are really worried now.

The poll is based on 1000 randomly selected adult Egyptians, who were asked which countries they thought were most hostile toward Egypt. 92 percent said Israel, 60 percent said Denmark. Which must make the Americans feel great, in that, for once at least, they are not the most hated amongst us, only coming in with a fourth place.

Congratulations USA.

Or should I commiserate? I don’t know. We all know how inherently competitive the Americans are.

Anyhow, I wondered then why. Why are the Danes only number two on the hate list, after good old Israel who gets the usual top rating in the hate stakes game? How did we blow it? I think I know.

You see, Denmark pours 20 million dollars a year into the sandy, bottomless, stinking mohammedan pit called Egypt every year in foreign aid. Heaven knows why but there it is. That is 333 thousand dollars per percent on our rating as the most hostile land regarding Egypt, according to it’s (muslim) population. Who said money can’t buy you love? Had we paid less, we might have had the championship! Damn!

Well, I don’t care too much for the Egyptians either, so I’m going to get round to making my own hate list one of these days. So, look out Egypt. Be warned.You may come out in second place after Sweden. I am serving notice here. Mubarak, get ready for the shockwaves that will rock the pyramids.

On a final note, the poll asked about which lands were thought to be the most friendly toward Egypt. The list is inevitable if not impressive. Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, The palestinian territories, Sudan and Syria.

I wonder how much foreign aid that costs?


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