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Getting tougher on immigration.

Posted by Exile on November 3, 2006

Today should be a celebration in Denmark. It just got tougher for people to come here and settle. There has been a huge discussion going on as to how we can ensure better integration of the foreign flood, and it took a turn in the right direction today. Denmark will adopt the Dutch model for the families of immigrants that come to join their planted relative. They will have to pass an exam in Danish societal rules and language before being allowed in. For those that are her already, they will have to have documented at least two and one half years work before being allowed a residence permit. The residence permit is permanent and is given after the first seven years in Denmark. That also means, that without two and one half years work behind you, you don’t qualify for monetary assistance from the state if you are out of a work.
Let’s get that straight. If you are a member of the public (and compulsory) unemployment insurance, you can get unemployment benefits. That takes six months work to achieve coverage and qualify. That coverage is limited to two years unemployment benefit. Everyone pays in. Everyone that has worked for more than six months in one go, can get it. After those two years, if you are still not employed, you can recieve benefits from the state. It is those state benefits that are affected.
Needles to say, the Social Democrats and their cronies are against all of this, but they are luckily in the minority right now. So screw them.

In an attempt to attract a little talent to this land instead of the usual motley money-grabbing crew, the government will start a green card system, much like that in the USA, for those with higher education and professional skills.

Personally, I think it is a good move. It will make it harder for people to come here and simply “work the system”, which would in effect, guarantee a life of comparative ease with no effort. All you need to do is import a huge family and claim all the benefits you can for wives, children, pensioners and so on. The more you have, the more you get.
Social welfare is a good thing, but it has to be financed, and by my train of thought, earned. It is not a freebie to be dished out by the state. I have to pay into a pension scheme, in fact several, to allow myself a semblance of life in my old age. It irks me, that others can come here and use my money, in the form of exorbitant taxes, to finance their way of life behind the veil of immigration and lack of understanding. Any steps we can take to limit this form of leeching of the country and it’s collective wealth and welfare must be a good thing. The time has come to say “Put in or ship out”. The collective money chest is, after all, not bottomless.


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  1. søren said

    That still sounds pretty soft.

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