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News blackout?

Posted by Exile on November 6, 2006

Sometimes I wonder why we are so behind on the news. I found an article in The Times concerning the piece of effluent pictured below. His name is Dhiren Barot. He is a muslim. He was planning to kill thousands of innocent people between 2000 and 2004, but is only just being prosecuted now. My question is, why have we heard nothing of this in the past two years since his arrest, in august 2004?

British Muslim ‘wanted to blow up Tube train under Thames’

A terrorist plotted to explode a series of bombs in Britain, causing “the loss of innocent human life on a massive scale”, including blowing up a train while it travelled underneath the Thames and using a dirty bomb.
Dhiren Barot, 35, wanted to fill three limousines packed with gas cylinders, explosives and shrapnel and then blow them up in car parks under key buildings.
Reconnaissance on well known London hotels and mainline railway stations were found by anti-terrorist police.
Barot, who grew up in north-west London, wanted to create “another black day for the enemies of Islam” Woolwich Crown Court heard today.

Another home-grown terrorist asshole who would have taken the lives of countless people on account of his superstitious religious beliefs. Islam.
I would love to know why this story has been kept under wraps for so long. Is it a conspiracy to protect these people? Are we not to be allowed to know how many of these terrorists there are out there, and the successes we have against them? Or is someone, somewhere, just trying once again to “protect society from itself”?

I wonder, how many other solid cases have been hushed away? I have not seen or heard anything about this case until now.
I can’t help but wonder why.

Read the whole frightening article from The Times here.

Oh, and by the way, if he’s found guilty, why shouldn’t we hang the bastard?


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