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One down.

Posted by Exile on November 7, 2006

Hooray. Good riddance. Those were my first thoughts when I read the news on the TV. This unloved and unwanted piece of Islamic effluent is finally being flushed out of the system. This imam is leaving Denmark and going home to Tripoli. In protest, he says. Why? Because the courts threw the case against Jyllands Posten out.
Hlayel has been an imam in Århus. He is not well liked there either, so I can only assume that there is a great deal of celebrating going on over there in Jutland.
He was one of that hate-mongering delegation of imams that went out into the arab world spreading hate and false information about Denmark during the Motoon caper and I can only applaud his departure. Let’s see how much social security he can pull in Lebanon. Not nearly as much as he got for free from Denmark, I’ll wager.
He says, “I have always said that if the courts wouldn’t punish Jyllands Posten, then I would leave the country. I won’t be coming back.”
Well, hooray again. Perhaps the courts took that into consideration.
Now get going and let me help you pack. And don’t pull an Abu Laban us, and change your mind.

Bye bye, you bastard. We won’t miss you.

One down, many more to go.

But it’s a start….


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