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Tax rebate. (The hard way.)

Posted by Exile on November 11, 2006

I am more than a bit peeved at the amount of tax I have to pay but this is probably a little over the top!

Tax authority hit by bomb.
By The Copenhagen Post.

No one was injured when a bomb detonated outside Denmark’s tax offices in northern Copenhagen Tuesday night

A bomb exploded outside the Danish Customs and Tax Administration (SKAT) office in the outer Nørrebro area of Copenhagen late Tuesday night, reported public broadcaster DR. (Danmarks Radio. Ed.)
No one was hurt, but five employees were working in the building when the explosion occurred. The blast left a large hole in one of the entrance doors, damaged the adjoining wall and blew out windows on the building’s first floor and two cars in the parking lot.
SKAT’s manager for the Copenhagen area, Johnny Schaadt Hansen, did not believe the bomb was a tax-related incident.

‘I don’t think it was an attempt to hurt anyone at SKAT. I think it was more likely a very serious kids’ prank.’

The five employees were nonetheless shaken. Hansen said that a nearly identical incident took place a few years back.

‘We experienced almost the same thing about four or five years ago. That time it was also a very powerful explosion which, as far as I know, occurred on the very same spot.’

Police do not yet have a suspect or motive for the crime.

I don’t care what Johnny Schaadt Hansen or the police think. I reckon it’s another fed up citizen trying to make a point!

Hat tip: Copenhagen Post. (Jyllands Posten).


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