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Defending the right to free speech.

Posted by Exile on November 15, 2006

Well, I might not agree with them, but I defend their right to say what they want publicly. They are neo-fascist, they are extreme right wing, but hell, they are also a part of the debate and they do have a following. This is the article in full, from Jyllands Posten, any emphasis is mine:

Right-wing radio station remains defiant
By The Copenhagen Post
Right-wing Radio Holger continues to broadcast after its licence was revoked by the Radio and TV Board

Right-wing radio station Radio Holger has again run afoul of broadcasting authorities for its alleged racist programming. Despite having its licence revoked last week, the station continues to broadcast.
Radio Holger, which takes its name from Denmark’s mythical guardian, had its licence suspended after failing to deliver a copy of a broadcast to the Radio and Television Board (RTB).

The station, however, has indicated it will only obey a court order to stop broadcasting.

The Documentation and Counselling Centre for Racial Discrimination recently filed a complaint against the station, and RTB followed up by requesting a copy of the broadcast in question.

The board did not receive the recording and the station was ordered to stop broadcasting, an order it has refused.

Radio Holger broadcasts on a shared, public access frequency, making an immediate shut down of the station impossible.

‘Unfortunately if we pull the plug on them, other stations that are broadcasting legally will also be shut off,’ said Christian Scherfig, chairman of RTB. ‘We could possibly seize the equipment through an injunction. Our legal advisor is investigating the possibility.’

RTB has since reported Radio Holger to the police, who will likely slap the station with a fine and possibly confiscate its broadcasting equipment.

The broadcast in dispute occurred on 2 August, when the station aired commentary in the wake of the Lebanese conflict with Israel. At that time, a number of nationalist groups questioned why Lebanese immigrants had returned to Lebanon and complained over the cost of evacuating them to Denmark.

Radio Holger claims that the 6 November deadline set by the board to deliver a tape of the broadcast exceeded the normal three-month period stations are required to retain copies of their programming.

Radio Holger has had its licence revoked before. Should its broadcasting equipment be confiscated as a result of the current dispute, station spokesperson Kaj Wilhelmsen has pledged to move the station’s broadcasts to the internet.

I am not a great fan of censhorship.


5 Responses to “Defending the right to free speech.”

  1. shoprat said

    I believe one of the best ways to silence a fool is to let him talk until people catch on to him. He may gain a few followers but he will gain many more enemies.

  2. søren said

    Terrorism will be stopped any way necessary. That we can’t really talk about it; is a shame. A hell of a lot can be accomplished under war measures acts.

  3. Vanishing American said

    I don’t know anything about Radio Holger except what is related here, but their criticisms of the Lebanese immigrants don’t sound the least bit extreme to me. I know that here in America there was plenty of grumbling about the ‘Americans’ (of Lebanese origins) who had to be rescued out of Lebanon, at taxpayers’ expense. The same in very liberal Canada; some of the Canadian citizens felt the same way.
    The RTB sounds rather totalitarian to me; maybe some of us in America have more right-wing views than anyone in Europe. These views are simply the views that most Western people held a generation or two ago. It’s just that the whole Western world has moved so far to the left in the last 3 decades or so.

  4. WarBicycle said

    Approximately 45,000 Canadians had to be rescued from Lebanon, the majority of them citizens of convenience. They stayed just long enough to become Canadian citizens and left. My wife has dual citizenship—Danish & Canadian. She’s lived in Canada for nearly 41 years; she refused to give up her Danish citizenship and only became a Canadian after we were permitted dual citizenship. We are going to Copenhagen in a few weeks for Christmas; this will be her first Danish Christmas since 1965.

  5. Zonka said

    Just a quick update on the story, the RTB did pull the plug and the radio station is now broadcasting from the Internet, not being satisfied the RTB is trying to force the ISP to pull the plug…

    Well, good luck to them… it’s a sure way of just broadcasting from a server outside the country! And showing their own pettiness.

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