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Posted by Exile on December 30, 2006

So Saddam got his ticket to hell. I still haven’t seen any video of him actually swinging, but I guess I’ll have to make do with the MSM coverage of the event.

Tasteful or otherwise.

Meanwhile, these idiots are out on the streets protesting about something or other that George W. Bush is doing.


What’s a HITLAR?

And how do you do it?

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New blog on the block..

Posted by Exile on December 30, 2006

..and well worth reading.

Breath of the Beast.

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2006 – my resumé of the past year.

Posted by Exile on December 29, 2006

I got into this blogging business after The Great Motoon Scandal way back in May 2006. My outrage at the Islamic puerility and consequent media coverage that lasted for weeks over something so banal as a cartoon or twelve, promted me to start getting back at the MSM for not telling the whole truth, or even half of it. Since then the Jihad has continued and the MSM has conveniently ignored it.
However, there was some good news along the way and I wondered if we aren’t beginning to turn the tide?
Here’s how I saw the year. The good news:

The Motoons were great. They opened the discussion up and more people are aware of the Islamic threat now than were before. The MSM noise made people think. It polarised the people of Denmark and probably many other countries too.

Obviously we had to celebrate by dancing in the streets when Al bloody Zarqawi got toasted in Iraq. I was in Chicago at the time and bought the bar, including a couple of US marines,a drink on hearing the news.

In Afghanistan, the taleban is getting it’s proverbial ass kicked. It started slowly, but has taken on a gathering momentum, where we are winning the fight despite the MSM pessimism.

Iraq has tumbled into civil war. The coalition casualties there can only be viewed as being collateral damage in what is now an Iraqi conflict being fought by Iraqis and insurgent foreign jihadists. This will continue whether we are there or not. So it may be time to go home and let them have at it for real. No great loss. As long as they are killing each other, they ain’t worried about killing me or mine.

Hezbollah got a thumping in the Lebanon despite the world MSM deciding that Israel was (again) the bad guy and that all things Israeli are bad. The misinformation by the Arab photoshoppers at AP/Reuters was exposed for all the world to see and that has damaged the information war for them. Lebanon is probably heading for another of its own civil wars, backed by Syria and Iran on the one side and the Lebanese government on the other. This will distract both Damascus and Tehran. It will allow Israel to concentrate on securing its borders.

No major attacks were carried out in the West in 2006. OK, the London bombings were atrocious, but the two big plots concerning the airways and the channel tunnel were foiled and made public. How many lives were saved there? We’ll never know. It increases my confidence in our intelligence operations.

To round the year off, the Islamists in Somalia are being hammered back into the stone age from whence they came, thanks to the Ethiopians with a little help from Washington. This will give the Jihadis an uncomfortable choice in the future. Do they concentrate on Somalia or Iraq?

And finally, Saddam Hussein gets to dangle and do the dance macabre at the end of a rope. Well, barring intervention from all the do-gooders and whiners, but maybe I should wait until I see the video of Saddam swinging on the end of ten feet of hemp rope, his pants full of crap and his sandals soaked in his own urine before I break out the fifteen year old single malt. But here’s hoping….

All in all, not bad. I’m sure there were other minor victories, but these stand out in my mind as I sit here and type. Anyone feeling the need to celebrate their own memories of successes in 2006 are welcome to comment.

Here’s looking forward to 2007 and the continuing defeat of evil Islamic forces.

Happy New Year to all you anti-jihadists.

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Free Mogadishu!

Posted by Exile on December 28, 2006

Or “Run Mo, run!”

I picked this up from CBS:

Somalia’s Islamic movement abandoned the nation’s capital on Thursday and clan militiamen poured into the streets, looting the bases of the departing fighters. [….] Somalia’s Islamic movement abandoned the nation’s capital on Thursday and clan militiamen poured into the streets, looting the bases of the departing fighters.

Well well. Surprise, surprise. The Islamists left Mogadishu and ran off to the south leaving “The Mog” open to the clans again. The Ethiopian army is marching on into Mogadishu. The clans are reforming and the battle for “The Mog” moves back into it’s old routine. At least it looks that way if you believe the following two statements made by local fighters:

Yusuf Ibrahim, a former Islamic movement fighter who quit Thursday, said only the most hardcore fighters were still opposing the government and its Ethiopian backers. He numbered them at about 3,000, and said they were headed to the port city of Kismayo, south of Mogadishu.

“I have seen that the Islamists are defeated. I’m going to rejoin my clan,” said gunman Mohamed Barre Sidow. “I was forced to join the Islamic courts by my clan, so I now I will return to my clan and they will decide my fate, whether I join the government or not.”

Could it be that the clans wanted the Islamists less than they wanted the Americans? Will they now unite with the Ethiopian army and chase after the Islamists? Loyalties shift very quickly in Somalia. Apparently they will back whoever it is that seems to be winning the fight here and now.
Strangely enough, there isn’t that much chatter on the big MSM services about what is going on in Somalia. Or is it just that I am used to having embedded journalists in the fighting echelons and the Ethiopians don’t have any? Another thing I noticed; Somalia is a member of the League of Arab Nations. They aren’t saying much either. In fact, I can’t find anything about the whole Somalian affair on any of their websites. The UN is surprisingly quiet about it.

I wonder. Why is nobody reporting this war?

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Merry Christmas, Mogadishu.

Posted by Exile on December 27, 2006

Clipped from CNN.com:

A week of mortar duels between Islamists and the Ethiopian-backed secular government has spiraled into open war that threatens to engulf the Horn of Africa, possibly attracting foreign jihadists.
Ethiopia accuses neighbor Eritrea of supporting the Islamists and said it has taken foreign prisoners of war.
Ethiopia has proved more than a match for the Islamist fighters, who are driven by religious fervor but lack the MiG fighter jets and long experience of one of Africa’s most effective armies.

Which all makes me wonder a bit. Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. The recievers of millions of dollars in foreign aid, engaging now in a war across the horn of Africa. And people ask me why I don’t give to charity.
OK, I think it’s probably good that the Islamists are getting a real kicking in Somalia, but will it last? The arab oil money that gets poured into the Somalian global Jihad will increase drastically now, but only to supply weapons and food for the troops (I use the term loosely!) supporting the Islamists and the rest of the world will condemn the fighting as inhumane and use all the usual blah-yak that gets bandied about at these times. Personally, I’m with the Ethiopians.

The usual statements have been issued in all their glory:

The Somalia Islamic Courts Council has depicted the conflict with Christian-led Ethiopia as a holy war against “crusaders,” tapping into popular anti-Ethiopian sentiment after decades of rivalry between the two neighbors.

Ethiopia has portrayed it as a war against al Qaeda-linked terrorists, winning tacit support from Washington, which believes Islamic militants are hiding in Somalia.

The U.N. Security Council failed late Tuesday to agree on a statement calling for an immediate halt to the fighting and was due to hold further consultations on Wednesday. There was a deadlock after Qatar, the council’s sole Arab member, insisted the appeal also demand the immediate withdrawal of Ethiopian and all other forces from Somalia.

So there we have it. It’s a crusade, it’s a war on terror and it’s business as usual at the UN. Qatar blocked any attempt at international unity. I’ll leave it you to figure out why.

Why then “Merry Christmas, Mogadishu”? Well, it appears that the Ethiopian army has learned something from the American experience in “The Mog”. They have decided not to enter Mogadishu, merely to surround it and wait for the surrender of the islamists at some later date. I have little doubt that they will get there and isolate Mogadishu for a while. The ensuing stand-off will last for ages.

Keep your eye on this one. It will probably be the big story in 2007, and just as popular with the MSM as Iraq, especially now, where the Jihadis risk losing the ground they captured in Somalia in 2006. Where does the good foreign Jihadi go now? Iraq or Somalia?

One never knows. “Divide and conquer” has long been true.

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One for the ladies…!!

Posted by Exile on December 9, 2006

Not being one to brag or gloat, and not being discontent with my physical attributes, I was surprised to find a set of articles on the BBC website concerning male misgivings about their “size”. It would appear that my counterparts around the world are, shall we say, challenged, in certain areas!
I promise, the following is copied and pasted from the Beeb.

Article 1.
A survey of more than 1,000 men in India has concluded that condoms made according to international sizes are too large for a majority of Indian men.
The study found that more than half of the men measured had penises that were shorter than international standards for condoms.
Over 1,200 volunteers from the length and breadth of the country had their penises measured precisely, down to the last millimetre.

Article 2.
Doctors in Asia are treating an increasing number of men with severe injuries who have tried to increase the size of their penises by injecting themselves with Vaseline and other oils.

Article 3.
Doctors believe that men in Britain may be becoming interested in the practice after travelling to Asia on holiday.
However, Mr Manit and his colleagues at the IUN were extremely surprised when a 31-year old British born man presented at their clinic for treatment recently for gross abnormality of the penis and ulceration as a result of injecting oils under his skin. “The man had used a high-pressure pneumatic grease gun to inject his penis.”

Ouch! A high-pressure pneumatic grease gun? That makes my eyes water just by thinking about it.

It makes me think of a graffitti I saw once. It said, and I quote: “Henry Kissinger should be bloody well hung”. Someone had added the following: “He is. He is!” and signed it, “Mrs. Kissinger.”

Now, control yourselves if you are going to comment!

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What did you expect, Mr. Siniora?

Posted by Exile on December 8, 2006

I can’t help but wonder at the naivity I see in would be politicians in the middle east. Take for example Lebanon’s prime minister, Faoud Siniora. I read this article leader on bbc.com and just had to shake my head in wonder.

Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora has accused the leader of the Hezbollah militant movement of plotting a coup. He pointed to comments by Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah that the opposition would form an interim government without the existing administration.

Mr Siniora said these (comments) were tantamount to a plot to overthrow the government.

Sorry Mr. S., no sympathy here. You had your chance. You could have thrown your army in with the Israelis and been well rid of Hezbollah by now. Had you joined the fight against Hezbollah, instead of defending them, you wouldn’t be in this mess now.

But no. Apparently your hatred of the state of Israel has gotten the better of your sound judgement and your love for the Lebanon which you believe you govern.

I have news for you.

You don’t govern Lebanon. Syria does. Through Hezbollah.

And you could have avoided that. So carry on, rant and rave about coups all you want. No-one can help you now.

Consider yourself couped.

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Reducing the oil dependancy. Part 1.

Posted by Exile on December 8, 2006

A Norwegian oil company will produce biodiesel from the fat sucked from overweight Americans according to an agreement they have with American hospital giant, Jackson Memorial.

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DREAM on…!!

Posted by Exile on December 2, 2006

Encouragement is often a hard thing to find, but I’ll take it wherever I can get it. I found this little but uplifting article in The Copenhagen Post this weekend and felt the need to spread the word. It appears that Denmarks hard line on immigration is working better than expected. To quote the article:

A new study by an independent analysis firm has found that predictions of soaring increases in the percentage of immigrants living in Denmark were a serious over-assessment.
In 2001, the government’s commission on social welfare reform forecast that immigrants from non-Western countries would rise to 18 percent of Denmark’s population by 2080. At that time, the group made up 5 percent of the population.
Figures from the DREAM (Danish Research Centre on Education and Advanced Media Materials) analysis institute suggest that the number of immigrants will only rise to 8 percent by 2080.

I wonder what the blanket term “immigrants” really means? I am an immigrant. Are we talking total including europeans? If so, then I am glad about this trend. Keeping this country predominantly european and not moonbat is what it’s all about. There’s more.

Lars Haagen Pedersen, DREAM’s head researcher, told daily newspaper Information that the new estimates would lead to a change in the predicted effects immigration will have on the nation’s economy. ‘Considered alone, we can say that the prediction will improve the continuity of financial policy.’ Pedersen said that the lower immigration figure will result in billions being saved in funding for public aid and necessitate a change in the government’s employment policies toward immigrants.

(Hmmm.. Why would we want to change the policy if it’s working? Is this guy an idiot? I thought the idea was to keep them out. It appears to be working fine. It ain’t broke – don’t fix it.)

Just last year, Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen dismissed all of the commission’s findings, save one: that one of the greatest challenges for the welfare state was putting immigrants and their Danish-born children to work.
Stricter immigration policies implemented by the current government have cut off the stream of immigrants and asylum seekers flowing to Denmark, according to Pedersen.
‘It is first and foremost the immigration legislation passed in May 2002 that’s to blame for the falling numbers of asylum seekers and Danish marriages to foreigners.’

I don’t like that term “to blame”. I would have preferred him to say “the immigration legislation passed in May 2002 has positively contributed to the falling numbers of asylum seekers and Danish marriages to foreigners”. But this guy might be a multi-culti lefty loony for all I know so I’ll just have to read between the lines here. I believe that immigration laws should be strict and should be enforced rigourously. It is way too easy to come to this land and scream asylum.
Another note of encouragement is to found:

Pedersen added that immigrant women are also having fewer children than in the past.
The most recent figures from Statistics Denmark indicate that immigrants and their children make up 8.7 percent of the population, while those from non-Western countries make up 6.1 percent.

Which then, according to this guy’s maths, means that the non-western population will only grow by one third of it’s present size by 2080. Seems a little optimistic to me. I am beginning to wonder, if this isn’t a lefty misinformation job.
But then again, I’m no DREAM expert, am I?

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