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Merry Christmas, Mogadishu.

Posted by Exile on December 27, 2006

Clipped from CNN.com:

A week of mortar duels between Islamists and the Ethiopian-backed secular government has spiraled into open war that threatens to engulf the Horn of Africa, possibly attracting foreign jihadists.
Ethiopia accuses neighbor Eritrea of supporting the Islamists and said it has taken foreign prisoners of war.
Ethiopia has proved more than a match for the Islamist fighters, who are driven by religious fervor but lack the MiG fighter jets and long experience of one of Africa’s most effective armies.

Which all makes me wonder a bit. Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. The recievers of millions of dollars in foreign aid, engaging now in a war across the horn of Africa. And people ask me why I don’t give to charity.
OK, I think it’s probably good that the Islamists are getting a real kicking in Somalia, but will it last? The arab oil money that gets poured into the Somalian global Jihad will increase drastically now, but only to supply weapons and food for the troops (I use the term loosely!) supporting the Islamists and the rest of the world will condemn the fighting as inhumane and use all the usual blah-yak that gets bandied about at these times. Personally, I’m with the Ethiopians.

The usual statements have been issued in all their glory:

The Somalia Islamic Courts Council has depicted the conflict with Christian-led Ethiopia as a holy war against “crusaders,” tapping into popular anti-Ethiopian sentiment after decades of rivalry between the two neighbors.

Ethiopia has portrayed it as a war against al Qaeda-linked terrorists, winning tacit support from Washington, which believes Islamic militants are hiding in Somalia.

The U.N. Security Council failed late Tuesday to agree on a statement calling for an immediate halt to the fighting and was due to hold further consultations on Wednesday. There was a deadlock after Qatar, the council’s sole Arab member, insisted the appeal also demand the immediate withdrawal of Ethiopian and all other forces from Somalia.

So there we have it. It’s a crusade, it’s a war on terror and it’s business as usual at the UN. Qatar blocked any attempt at international unity. I’ll leave it you to figure out why.

Why then “Merry Christmas, Mogadishu”? Well, it appears that the Ethiopian army has learned something from the American experience in “The Mog”. They have decided not to enter Mogadishu, merely to surround it and wait for the surrender of the islamists at some later date. I have little doubt that they will get there and isolate Mogadishu for a while. The ensuing stand-off will last for ages.

Keep your eye on this one. It will probably be the big story in 2007, and just as popular with the MSM as Iraq, especially now, where the Jihadis risk losing the ground they captured in Somalia in 2006. Where does the good foreign Jihadi go now? Iraq or Somalia?

One never knows. “Divide and conquer” has long been true.

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